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Finding the Perfect Bookcase or Shelf

Bookcases and shelves are must-haves for a stylish and organized home. These versatile pieces work wonders throughout your house, from keeping your books in order to display sentimental treasures and memorabilia. Use an etagere in the kitchen or dining room to display your favorite serving dishes, or add a small bookshelf near chairs or recliners to create a cozy reading nook. Whether you want a decorative display or a storage solution, bookcases and wall shelves instantly enhance your home with endless possibilities.

Types of Bookcases and Shelving

Whatever your personal style, our assortment of hanging shelves and bookcases is packed with options. From sleek contemporary designs to intricate pieces with traditional flair, these organizational pieces compliment any space with ease. Wooden bookcases are a timeless choice and come in a wide variety of finishes, while glass and metal bookcases lend a unique charm to industrial and farmhouse décor. When choosing a new bookcase style, we recommend considering its size as well as its design features. Place a radiant gold etagere next to an accent bench for a touch of glamour, or utilize a room divider packed with open shelves and drawers. Short on space? Hang a set of matching shelves over a home office desk, or opt for a slim tower, ladder shelf, or leaning bookshelf instead. We even carry bookcases with upholstered back panels as well as tiered shelving units to suit all your preferences and needs.

How to Style Your New Bookshelf

How you arrange your bookshelf can boost its storage capabilities and aesthetic appeal. One creative way to make your bookcase more visually pleasing is by mixing horizontal rows of books with vertical stacks. (Just be sure to vary your book placement from one shelf to the next.) You can also prop up books with traditional bookends or incorporate decorative accents like paperweights, vases, and pottery instead. Fill any remaining bare spaces with framed photos and artwork, or add potted plants and ferns for a touch of greenery.

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