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Decorative Desk Fans

Table fans are essentially desk fans, and they provide cooling as well as dynamic style in a room. Whether you’re struggling to keep cool while working from home or you work somewhere with poor airflow, a decorative desk fan is a cost effective and great way to stay cool.

If you’re in the market for new decorative table fans, explore this guide that goes over the following:
  • Ideas for choosing the best table fans for your unique style
  • Table fan aesthetics, tilt and oscillation

Ideas for Choosing the Best Table Fans for Your Unique Style

Table fans come in a wide variety of styles and finishes. We’ve put together popular decorative desk fan styles below to help narrow your search.

For a transitional style home, look for metal finishes that complement your personal aesthetic and meld seamlessly with other design features throughout the room. From oil rubbed bronze to brushed nickel, there is something for everyone! If, on the other hand, you are more traditional or classically leaning in your home, find table top fans with added decorative details, a stylish or elegant base with powerful motifs, and multiple finishes or colors. Then of course there are always fun options! If your home is eclectic or contemporary, you can add decorative table fans with a sculptural or themed look to give your room some personality and pizzazz.

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Table Fan Aesthetics, Tilt and Oscillation

There are a lot of features to consider when shopping for table fans. From Victorian to modern, you will want to think about the aesthetics of your home to figure out which style of table fan will pair well with your décor.

Some fans oscillate and spread air across the room. Others have variable speeds with fast, slow, or medium air flow. Some tilt upward and downward. These special features add to the overall versatility of a fan. Many of our table fans offer all three.

You may also look into table fans with remotes for added versatility and convenience. For smaller options, try novelty or decorative fans. They may not have as many variable features, but are often a beautiful statement piece.

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