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Ideas for choosing the right vanity mirrors for your unique style

Placed over the sink in powder rooms and bathrooms, vanity mirrors are used for grooming, to anchor sconce light fixtures, and as decorative element on your wall. Many framed and frameless vanity mirrors can be used across design styles, including rectangle, oval, arched, and round mirrors. Modern bathrooms lend themselves to mirrors with minimal frames or frameless choices. Transitional designs often feature geometric patterns and shapes, providing a perfect opportunity to play up an unexpected element with octagonal or quatrefoil shaped mirrors. Classical or traditional homes often feature rectangular, arched, or oval mirrors in the bathroom, often with ornate and decorative frames.

Ideas for choosing the right vanity mirrors for your unique style

Vanity mirrors combine style and functionality in a single mirror for your bathroom or powder room. It is the mirror most people stand in front of to get ready in the morning, and because of its larger size in a smaller room, it is often a focal point of style. Vanity mirrors are not relegated specifically to the bathroom, as you can incorporate them into your bedroom design or front entryway. Because these areas use mirrors differently, a vanity mirror will become more of a decorative piece when you design with it outside of the bathroom.

The best vanity mirrors: What to look for

In looking for a vanity mirror for your home, you will want to look for one that will match the style of your bathroom and have the right proportions for your space. A mirror that is too large in relation to the room or the vanity below can overwhelm the space (and because it is a reflective surface, it can be more noticeable than other wall decor). Alternatively, a mirror that is too small might get lost when placed between two wall sconces, and become less useful for grooming. Find the shape, frame, size, and style that fits your needs, and you can’t go wrong.

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