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Ideas for choosing the right toilet paper holders for your unique style

Paying attention to the small details in your home decor can have a significant impact on the overall feel of any space. In a bathroom, toilet paper holders are often a utilitarian design. Choosing a toilet paper holder that matches the design type and finishes of the space can make a difference. If you are looking for a contemporary or modern look for your toilet paper dispenser, look for clean lines, sleek chrome, and little to no ornamentation. For a more traditional home, a toilet paper stand will have an elegant design with curls, fluting, and classical details. For a home that is transitional or contemporary, there will be refined details and understated design elements.

How to choose between pedestal, counter and wall mount toilet paper holders

If you have a smaller bathroom, space saving is the name of the game when it comes to good design; a recessed toilet paper holder is a great way to incorporate style and minimize clutter. If your bathroom is larger, you can embrace the size with a toilet paper holder stand, make sure that you have floor space within arms reach of the toilet, for easy access. If your bathroom has a small footprint, with the counter placed close to the toilet, consider a countertop toilet paper holder.

How to install toilet paper holders

To install toilet paper holders, measure 26 inches above your finished floor and 10 -12 inches forward of the front of the toilet, this is the ideal placement for a wall mounted toilet paper holder. Use this measurement for the center line of the holder and measure off of it for the appropriate screw placement or recessed panel for the paper holder. Check your measurements, testing them out for the easy reach from the toilet. Follow the manufacturer’s directions on mounting your toilet paper holder appropriately, and finally install a roll of toilet paper.

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