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TV Stands and Cabinets Ideas & Advice

A TV stand or cabinet is not only a functional piece of living room furniture, but it's also one of the main focal points of your living room. After all, the TV and its surroundings are one of the first things people see when they walk into your living room or entertainment room. You can opt for a TV cabinet or one of the many styles of TV stands, but it's important to first decide whether you need a cabinet or a stand. This decision is largely determined based on your storage needs and style preferences.

Popular Designs of TV Stands

TV stands and TV cabinets are entertainment units that add to the beauty and design of your living space in an easy way. Whether you're shopping for a modern TV stand or a rustic TV stand, you should determine the design of the entertainment center first and foremost, and that heavily depends on the size of your TV. Of course, the size of your television also dictates the size of your entertainment center.

Panel Designs: Panel designs work well for flat screen TVs and home theatre installation. The edgy design can amp the style factor of contemporary spaces.

Stand Designs: Great to stow your accessories, media, and more, stand designs offer simple solutions with smart combinations of open and closed-door storage to give an overall tidy look.

Console Designs: Console designs come in an elaborate combination of shelves and drawers, and often with glass doors, to give an elegant appearance.

Corner Console Designs: Perfect to utilize corner spaces, the rear of these corner TV stands are designed to fit in, saving essential space. They accommodate most flat screens and allow medium storage.

Types of TV Stands

Specially designed to draw attention to your media system, low-profile TV stands come with shelves and drawers for proper storage or for display of your audio or video system. Often these units are designed to be luxury TV stands that can take pride of place in a more elaborate setting. It's an excellent choice for a wide-screen TV and subsequently, it's growing in popularity in more modern-day set-ups. Low-profile consoles allow the TV viewing to be eye level when you are sitting on the couch which allows you to relax without having to strain your neck or eyes.

Fireplace TV stands are also becoming more and more commonplace, and for good reason! These types of entertainment centers and TV stands are especially ideal for smaller spaces. Combining a fireplace with a TV stand saves valuable room and eliminates the frustration of having to sacrifice one for the other.

Television Cabinets with Storage Options

Television cabinets with storage options come in handy when organizing the main TV unit along with the related equipment and accessories. Apart from striking looks, versatility, and attractive finishes, you can also benefit by choosing a wonderful TV cabinet to keep things in beautiful order. Your screen-time habits and your media type will largely determine the ideal TV cabinet for you. Storage options can come in as many as combinations you can imagine. A movie lover will love shelves and open designs to store media and other additional players. On the other plane, an avid gamer can consider storage space for game consoles as all-important. Depending on your day-to-day requirement, you can also consider using high-end media cabinets catering to elaborate storage needs. Such cabinets also contribute greatly to your room’s overall decor scheme. A solid wood TV console will suit most interior decoration style and can effortlessly offer elegant design to your space. An ivory TV console, such as the one pictured below, can snugly fit into your transitional living space and simultaneously offer storage for all allied electronic components. With a wide-range to choose from, you are just a decision away from your cherished television cabinet.

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