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Beautifying your home just got easier thanks to our wide variety of decorative vases. From petite bud vases with plenty of charm to extra large floor vases that enhance bare corners, these eclectic accents are as eye-catching as they are practical. Whether you prefer to keep things simple with white ceramic vases or love the look of large vases and urns with footed pedestals, these pieces run the styling gamut with vibrant colors, staggered heights, and sculptural silhouettes. Showcase your favorite flowers, add some sprigs of greenery, or use a set of floor vases to frame a focal point in any room.

You can start by deciding what general style you’re after, from clean and modern to vintage industrial and everything between. Vases are versatile enough to offer something for every aesthetic so narrowing in on a style is essential. Then consider your favorite metallic tones and hues, but also factor in your home’s layout and the table or floor vase size you’ll need to fit your intended placement. Large vases are lovely additions to bare corners, while vase sets allow you to create a cohesive theme throughout your home or a single coordinated display. Look for beautiful vases with texture, as well, and decide if you want to keep things simple with natural elements or add visual interest with eye-catching prints and sculpted silhouettes.

Decorating with Large Vases

Set the stage for inviting décor with the help of large, eye-catching vases. These essential accents are the perfect storage spots for freshly picked flowers and spontaneously gifted bouquets - although a large vase certainly commands attention on its own! Choose from intricately shaped traditional designs with delicate silhouettes or transitional ceramic vases with bold metallic details for a touch of glamour. Love unique forms and rich color palettes? Try a large floor vase with an open oval, or brighten your space with large vases crafted with beautiful multicolored glass. From big vases for your living room to large vases with intriguing cutouts, there are countless ways to style your home to suit your sensibilities.

Styling with Floor Vases

Decorate any room from the floor up with the help of modern floor vases. These statement-making accents utilize bare corners and frame your favorite design features with ease. Position a duo of tall floor vases next to one another for a staggered effect, or nestle several different sizes and shapes together for visual interest on command. Whether you prefer the look of a tall floor vase crafted with natural wood or adore the glamour of a modern floor vase with a radiant metallic finish, there are plenty of ways to brighten any room with your desired aesthetics. Browse our complete range of large decorative floor vases for cohesive sets, or mix and match to your heart’s content.

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