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Wall Hanging Tapestry

Ideas for choosing the best tapestry for your unique style

If you love expressing yourself, the very thought of home decor should get you excited! It's your chance to put finishing touches on the masterpiece you call home. While opportunities for articulating your creative vision abound, wall tapestries are strong statement pieces with the potential to transform entire walls and rooms. Whether you are shopping for large wall tapestries, wall rugs, a beautiful scenic tapestry or three-dimensional wall hangings that effortlessly function as art and decor, you are sure to find something for every style and taste here. From traditional tapestry wall hangings with Old World charm to transitional wall tapestries with their ability to merge seamlessly into most decor themes, down to contemporary and modern wall tapestries with fresh imagery and imaginative designs, your time to go bold with tapestry wall hangings has arrived!

Popular Tapestry Wall Hangings Styles

Within the world of traditional motifs, you have a golden opportunity to add ornate rods, finials and tassels for a presentation that calls upon traditions of craftsmanship and lavish details. For the transitionally minded, look for cosmopolitan imagery, queues from cultures around the world, a broad mix of colors, patterns, and graphic motifs that seek to blend and enhance other room features. If you're interested in working contemporary tapestry wall hangings into the mix, you can expect softened features and neutral design elements with splashes of bold colors and generally more minimal imagery where the subject is clear and defined. Of course, modern motifs will call upon starker lines, unadorned features, and colors used more sparingly to create contrast.

Large Wall Tapestry

Making a big statement with large tapestries

Whether you are looking to capture the sublime beauty of the wilderness or call upon imagery from your favorite plants and animals, large wall hanging tapestries will instantly transform any room. Wall hanging tapestries are creations of beauty. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a wall tapestry will also give visitors a glimpse into what's beautiful to you. A sense of sharing is certainly achieved when wall hanging tapestries call the attention of visitors to such a pronounced visual element. In a sense, by having such a large installation of art in a single space, it instantly clarifies what aesthetics matter to you most. From large scenic wall tapestries to tapestries with historical significance, literary queues, or even nods to vintage or antique motifs, what you put on your walls will speak a thousand words about you.

One other desirable trait of large tapestry wall hangings is their ability to cover huge swathes of wall while incurring minimal damage due to hanging. This is perfect for renters who don't want to spend their moving days frantically spackling and painting to get their security deposit back! Not to mention, large wall tapestries are generally light and easy to move despite their massive size - more points for a nomadic lifestyle. Cost and transport aside, the sheer scale and grandiosity created by hanging a large wall tapestry goes without saying. Instantly becoming the focal point of a room with easy installation, wall hanging tapestries will ultimately create living spaces filled with aesthetic beauty and charm. So whether you are spreading roots or are a rolling stone, large wall hanging tapestries have the potential to create aesthetic magic in your home.

Wall Hangings

Diversifying decor elements with wall hangings

Scale really swings both ways on a spectrum of taste. If you're browsing wall tapestries, you'll also want to consider our vast selection of wall hangings as a contrasting option. While there is no right or wrong answers – simply questions of style – for many of us, less is certainly more. By placing visual importance on fewer key items, you can create mental space and breathing room that places beauty in the interplay of negative space and carefully selected decor elements.

For more ideas, try utilizing three dimensional room elements set in shadow boxes to create depth and texture. Natural elements like extra large or exotic feathers tell a story with virtually no end. Or forego the frame altogether to play with spatial elements that create texture, depth and visual interest. As pictured in the antique white coral and silver branches above, frameless wall hanging elements can even open up opportunities to create layers of visual appeal by customizing the distances between wall hanging elements to create a one of a kind look.

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