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Types of Wall Lights

At Bellacor, we offer a wide variety of wall lights to brighten every room in your home and create ambiance when and where you need it. Illuminate your living room with strategically placed wall sconces, replace a bulky table lamp with a sleek swing-arm design, or highlight wall art with strategic picture lighting.

Whether you’re looking to add warmth to a room or need functional task lighting over a kitchen sink, there are countless options to consider. Updating your master bath or powder room? Explore bath lighting options like lighted mirrors and vanity lights. Doing a kitchen refresh? Incorporate under-cabinet lighting, or replace existing fixtures with LED wall lights instead.

From honey-gold designs with art deco vibes to farmhouse wall lights made with wood and metal, the styling options are limitless.

How to Choose the Right Wall Light

Wall lighting is an incredibly versatile way to add style, function, and warmth throughout your entire home. From decorative wall lights in eye-catching finishes to simple task lights that enhance visibility, here are our recommendations for each room:

Choosing Wall Lights by Room

Foyer/Entryway: Make a brilliant first impression with foyer lights that greet guests with their own warmth and style. Pair wall sconces with accent lighting (like table lamps) as needed to brighten this area to perfection.

Living Rooms: The living room is where people come together, so make your focus ambient light. Think wall sconces nestled above couches or positioned on the sides of a fireplace. Still, be sure to add in functional lighting wherever it’s needed (like a swing-arm light near a side chair). Traditional styles work especially well here.

Bathrooms: Begin and end your day with bathroom lighting that’s as functional as it is stylish. Sconces and bath bars are a great addition to vanities and bathroom mirrors. Just double-check that the wall sconce you choose is rated for damp/wet environments. Cool metallic finishes are a popular choice here thanks to their sleek, clean look.

Bedrooms: Bedroom wall lights can make your sleeping quarters more cozy in an instant. Place a pair of sconces on either side of your bed for comfortable late-night reading, or position them next to a vanity or dresser for enhanced visibility.

Kitchens and Dining Rooms: While culinary workspaces and dining areas require functional overhead lighting, they also need accent designs. Wall light fixtures and sconces are a lovely addition to these rooms and can brighten dinner parties, family meals, and date nights alike by creating the perfect atmosphere. Place them next to buffets, sideboards, or credenzas for ample light where you need it most. Dining rooms in particular are great spots to incorporate ornate designs with rich finishes.

Hallways: Hallways deserve great lighting, too. In fact, a properly illuminated hallway can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home. Space hallway light fixtures equally throughout a corridor, and consider incorporating a mix of up and down light. If your hallway includes artwork or photographs, picture lighting can help showcase it.

Ready to get inspired? Browse our complete assortment of wall lighting from popular brands like Hudson Valley, Toltec Lighting, Elk Lighting, and Justice Design Group.

Wall Lighting Considerations

Before purchasing a wall light, it’s important to consider several factors beyond just style. You’ll first want to decide how the fixture will be connected (plug-in vs. wired). Next, think about how high the light should be positioned on the wall depending on its intended applications. In general, we recommend hanging wall sconces roughly 66–77” above the floor. If you’re hanging wall lights in a room with a vaulted ceiling, then you may want to hang the lights slightly higher. Of course, this can vary based on the light’s function. Task lighting is oftentimes best placed around 60” above the floor, while reading lights work best somewhere around 48” instead.

Another consideration for hanging multiple wall lights is how much distance you’ll want between them. As a general rule, keep at least 72” between sconces — and even more if the space allows for it (96”–120” is ideal.) You’ll also want to consider the light’s overall wattage when choosing task lighting vs. ambient lighting. Larger areas like hallways may look best with multiple wall lights, so be sure to determine how many fixtures are needed for a given space.

If you plan on hanging wallpaper at some point, it can be helpful to plan your wall light placements beforehand to limit the cutting and matching needed for a seamless look.

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