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How to Shop for a Wall Mirror

Choosing the Right Wall Mirror for Your Style

Decorative wall mirrors are a simple, subtle way to bring your style into any room in your home. But shopping and buying the right one is easier said than done; not only do you want the mirror to literally reflect the style of your home, you also need it to fit proportionately within your space. Begin by shopping by the shape. The most popular shapes of mirrors are round or circular, rectangular, oval, arched or octagonal.

Look carefully at the frame materials to help determine what will work with your already-existing decor, wall colors and general design aesthetics. Natural wood frames are perfect not only for rustic styles, but also work well for transitional, traditional and eclectic styles. Metal frames with decorative details are a classic look that aligns with traditional and transitional design. Alternatively, modern and contemporary wall mirrors may have minimal framing, or no frame at all. Pharmacy mirrors are wall mounted with a shelf; not only are they trendy, but they are worth considering if you're shopping for a mirror to hang in a smaller room or if you want to play up the decor in the room.

Best Placement

Mirrors are perfect for nearly any room in your home, but for style impact with a pop, large wall mirrors over a sofa or hung above a mantle are easy ways to add something extra to your space. If you have a long wall or buffet in your dining room, you can anchor the space with a big mirror, especially a horizontal rectangular shape. If you are looking for bedroom mirrors, consider incorporating a full-length mirror that will add style and help you get dressed in the morning. Additionally, you can add visual interest into a dull space, like a long hallway, by adding long mirrors to the wall. If you want to make a small room appear larger, wall-mounted mirrors are an easy way to do so because they reflect light.

Must-Have Mirror Features

The best wall mirrors have distinct frames, with particular attention to materials and details of the frame’s style. Look for antique gold, antique bronze, brushed nickel, and industrial wood incorporated into the frame’s design. If you have a wall painted in a deep color - think a dark gray or slate blue - you can bring some high contrast into your room by installing a white wall mirror. Or if you have white baseboard, the mirror will begin to feel like an architectural element rather than a decorative item. Overall, a large mirror in any room is a good way of bringing style and decoration into the home.

Regardless of the type you choose, one thing is for certain: wall mirrors will always be in style. Whether you need one for function or for decor, you can find one in any style and with any feature.

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