Ways to Use Pantone's Classic Blue

Easy Ways To Use Pantone's Classic Blue

Pantone's Classic Blue Use in Interior Design

Everyone is swooning over 2020 Color of the Year: Classic Blue. Pantone is best known for its Pantone Color Matching System, a remarkable classification system that standardizes colors so that anyone can refer to it, identify and match specific colors. Pantone’s choice of Classic Blue maybe “classic”, but it’s also fresh and versatile. It’s not quite as dark as navy, but more a true blue that’s well suited for interior design. One of the best things about the color is that even adding a little accent to it can make a dramatic statement. So how do you add a splash of Classic Blue to your home without trying too hard? Let’s take a look.

Decorative Home Accents

While Classic Blue can be the star of the room, it also works particularly well as an accent color. Think pottery, lampshades, throw pillows, and area rugs. A little Classic Blue used thoughtfully, can go a long way.

Pantone Classic Blue Pottery
Pantone Classic Blue Wall Fillers

Add it to Your Walls

Walls, in all of their vastness, are filled with endless possibilities of enhancing your space. In color therapy, blue tones are said to evoke clarity and pureness. So why not add some blue to your walls? A large piece of wall art throws off a welcome deep blue effect that you’ll not only see but also feel.

Light it Up

If ever Classic Blue had a natural home, it’s on the subtly stylish fixtures that light our favorite spaces. Lighting shades—be it a lamp, pendant, sconce, or other styles—can be quite regal in a blue hue.

Pair it with Gold or Brass

We’re in an era where homeowners are willing to take a little bit more risk with their décor. Of course, the risk has to be worth the reward, and it is when it comes to pairing rich blue with warm metal accents.

Pantone Classic Blue Color Outro

Bring it Outdoors

Classic Blue isn’t just for the indoors—it works just as well outdoors, too. Its natural and organic spirit makes it the perfect color to decorate your deck or patio. Add a touch of blue via patio furnishings, like cushions, tables, and rugs.

As you can see, Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year, Classic Blue is your ticket to a blissfully stylish home interior.