7 Shining Pendant Lighting Trends for 2018

Each year brings new trends in every category, and lighting is no different. We’re seeing beautiful new options across pendant lighting trensd that will work in any room of your home. We love that many of these trends translate across different styles and aesthetics, so it’s not hard to mix and match. Some trends have carried over from 2017, but many are new and surprising. You’ll continue to see vintage bulbs, since that trend is still going strong, but mixed materials and unique textures soften the look. Some trends seem to contrast, like warm metals versus polished nickel, but this allows for fun flexibility in your decorating. From unique handmade blown glass to the geometric patterns of open frame lighting, these styles will refresh a room for the year ahead.

1. Blown Glass Pendants

Blown glass is one of the top pendant lighting trends for good reason. With a huge variety of shapes and styles, you can find the perfect pendant for any space in your home. Many designers pair a clear glass fixture with an Edison light bulb to give a warm glow in a rustic space, but a row of smaller identical pendants along a dining area can be a sleek addition to a modern-style kitchen. On a practical note, these clear fixtures also work well in small spaces, as they provide plenty of light without disrupting the line of sight in a room.

Blown Glass Pendant Light

Pro Tip: Because blown glass is handmade and unique, you can also find colored glass pieces with a quirky aesthetic for the perfect centerpiece in your in your dining room or over a kitchen island. Remember, no two blown pieces are ever identical, so just keep that in mind!

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Blown Glass Pendant Light
blown glass pendant
Clear glass pendant light

2. Weathered Finishes

Another fun lighting style is the weathered or distressed pendant lighting trend. Made popular by top decorating shows, these fixtures are perfect if you’re looking to recreate the farmhouse look in your own home. You’ll be looking for wood chandeliers with distressed paint or rusted industrial-style pieces. These wood or galvanized metal fixtures blend well with several different styles, adding texture to an otherwise sleek space or putting the finishing touch on an already rustic room.

Weathered finish

Pro Tip: Even if you consider your style minimal and prefer all-white décor, these materials bring a soft and lived-in feel without contributing unnecessary clutter.

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weathered finish
weathered pendant light
distressed finish

3. Open Frame Pendants (aka Cage, Carriage & Lantern)

If distressed is not the look you’re going for, you’ll be happy to see the popular open frame trend in pendant lighting. Also known as cage, carriage, or lantern, this pendant lighting trend is characterized by clean and simple lines. You’ll find a variety of finishes for this style from gold to black iron and everything in between. Brass or iron finishes blend well without being overbearing. Of course, if you do want a statement piece, this style will not disappoint. Clusters of “cages” and geometric patterns will be the finishing touch in your space.

Cage Pendant Trend

Pro Tip: Adding gold to the room brings glamour and femininity without the statement of a crystal chandelier.

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cage pendant
lantern pendant light
Cage Pendant Lighting

4. Mixed Material Pendant Lights

You no longer need to be concerned about mixing gold, silver, copper or even wood. Everything works together now! Experimenting with mixed materials in lighting brings a customized look to any room, and you shouldn’t be afraid to mix materials throughout your decorating. Many of the previous trends feature a bare lightbulb, which you might find too harsh for your style. Avoid this by choosing a light with a sleek metal cage around a traditional fabric lampshade, or even by using an opaque glass shade.

Mixed materials

Pro Tip: By mixing materials, you can combine industrial metals with hanging crystals for the perfect touch of rustic elegance. Polished and matte textures work well together in a room mixing polished table lamps and mirrors with a frost glass chandelier.

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Mixed materials & metals
Mixed metals
Mixed materials

5. Unique Textures

When you’re looking for the best light fixture in your kitchen, dining area, or living room, consider some of these trendy unique textures! Obviously, clear cut or blown glass aren’t the only options for glass. You’ll find seeded glass (small bubbles in the glass), antique glass, frosted, or colored options. Some pieces even add a crackled element to the glass to appear shattered. Metals come in just as many varieties with hammered brass, rubbed bronze, or wrought iron to name a few. You’ll also see jute rope and wood while searching through textures, creating a great opportunity to mix and match.

Unique texture pendant glass

Pro Tip: Mixing materials and finishes will ripple into the decor in your room, opening up opportunities for diverse colors and materials, characteristic of an eclectic feel.

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Textured glass
Textured finish
Textured finish

6. Warm Metal Pendant Lights

Warm metals are a huge trend to try in 2018! While rose gold had its moment last year, the trend is moving towards copper and vintage gold this year. These help to tone down the brightness of a yellow gold while maintaining the upscale feel. The vintage gold finish also brings a strong contrast to a white room, while using bronze and copper in rooms with dark wood cabinetry or trim makes the room moodier.

Vintage gold pendant

Pro Tip: Choosing a piece with dark clean lines will avoid a feminine look, and these warm metals also work well as earth-tones in a room with a natural aesthetic.

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Warm metal pendant light
warm metal pendant lights
Contrasting finish pendants

7. Polished Nickel Pendants

Polished nickel might be considered a reinvention of chrome in bathroom fixtures, but it’s certainly refreshing to see the softer tone in lighting details throughout the home. While this trend started in faucets and knobs, this year it brings another elegant option to lighting. While you might think it only belongs in a modern space, the polished nickel pendant lighting trend brings a sophisticated touch to rustic rooms, as well.

Polished nickel pendant lighting

Pro Tip: This finish contributes to a bright and airy feel in a room, while easily matching your other fixtures. The bulb will also reflect light off of the chandelier or pendant itself because of the polished finish.

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Polished nickel pendant lights
Polished nickel pendant light
Polished Nickel

Pendant Lighting Trends for Every Look

Even though lighting is an investment, pendants are a smaller option that are perfect for trying out a trend. But we’ve done our research, and we’re confident these trends will stick around beyond this year (a few are only just getting started!). This is a great year to mix and match styles and textures, so you’ll easily find pieces to coordinate with your existing chandeliers and sconces. Pendant lighting also brings depth to a room that only has overheard recessed lighting and also provides closer light in hard-to-reach areas of a room.

If you aren’t using pendants in your home yet, we hope you have a good idea where to start. Choosing a unique piece with some of these features will help you bring your own personality and aesthetic to favorite rooms in your home, whether you’re polishing a sleek modern space or brightening a rustic farmhouse.

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