More and more people are opting to work from home thanks to ever-growing freelance opportunities and remote positions—but is your home office up to the task? We’re sharing some of our favorite office essentials to help give your workspace a serious promotion.

A Performance Desk

Boost your productivity with a desk that steals the spotlight. Your office should work with you to accommodate your occupational needs as well as your personal sense of style, and the right desk is a must-have for getting the job done right. Choose a design with multiple drawers and plenty of elbow room to knock those deadlines out of the park.

Pro Tip: Look for a desk that accurately reflects your job. Those with structured daily schedules may long for a sleek, minimal workspace, while creative types may prefer artsy furniture with colorful prints instead. Need more help? Check out our Advice & Info for buying a desk you’ll love.


An Ergonomic Chair

Working from home definitely has its perks, and choosing your own comfortable work chair is just one of them. Choose a cushioned style with plenty of lumbar support and an adjustable height to make the daily grind feel less like a chore.

Pro Tip: Not sure what type of chair will work best for your space? Our Office Chair Guide is a good place to start.


desktop with sleek desk lamp

The Right Lighting

Bright ideas require proper lighting, which means a desk lamp should top your office supply list. Whether you prefer an adjustable Z-bar style or love the vintage-inspired appeal of retro lamps instead, these must-have designs keep your desktop well-lit and functional—even while you’re burning the midnight oil.

Pro Tip: Before you choose your office task lighting, read our Lamp Buying Guide for some helpful considerations to keep in mind.


Desktop Organization

Keep your desktop clean and tidy with the help of organizational accents. Baskets, bins, caddies, and other containers are the perfect way to sort important paperwork (plus, they keep pens and pencils close at hand.)

Pro Tip: Eliminate clutter once and for all by placing hanging organizers and monthly calendars over your desk.


Filing Cabinets

Working from home doesn’t mean an absence of paperwork. In fact, you’re likely to have a lot of it—from tax documents to contracts and everything in between. Stacking these items on your desktop may work short-term, but filing cabinets provide a much more organized alternative.

Pro Tip: Short on space? Invest in a small storage unit that will allow you to sort and group everything accordingly.


A Cozy Rug

At a regular office, your choice of decor is typically limited to some framed photos or a personalized coffee cup. But working from home lets you create an atmosphere that truly speaks to you. An area or accent rug is a wonderful way to inject personality into an otherwise basic design scheme, and it adds a sense of coziness to your daily workflow.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to experiment with loud prints and patterns, or consider a fluffy accent rug for luxe comfort right at your feet.



Plants are renowned for their many benefits, like reducing stress, boosting productivity, and keeping the air clean. That’s why more and more offices are incorporating them into their overall decor. Follow suit by adding some fresh greenery to your desk or placing a potted tree in a bare corner.

Pro Tip: Black thumb? No worries! Just opt for faux flowers and plants instead.


Bookcases and Shelves

Whether you use them for stacking books, displaying photos, or storing workday essentials, bookcases and shelves are a wonderful addition to your home office. They allow you to customize the room to your liking while also maintaining a neat and tidy presentation for the best of both worlds.

Pro Tip: Consider using storage cubes and baskets to help your shelves look more streamlined.


Inspirational Decor

No home office is complete without personal touches that make it feel, well, like home. Create the sanctuary of your dreams with coffee cups, photograph holders, and artwork that inspires.


Adding these office must-haves to your workspace can instantly enhance your overall productivity and make working from home even better. Shop our complete collection of office furnishings today.



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