In interior design there are trends and guidelines that homeowners can follow, but trends change and guidelines are only guidelines. There are no hard-fast rules to dictate how people should decorate their home. So then why are there are all of these unwritten rules hindering us from designing the home that we really want? It’s time to debunk some of those common interior design myths and start breaking the so-called “rules.”


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1. Everything has to match

While you want your room to look cohesive and put-together, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate different prints, patterns and textures. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at Mindy Kaling’s home for proof! If you’re worried about overwhelming the room, just stay within the same color palette to pull the look together.

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2. Every room needs color

If you want an all-white room, then go for it! There are other ways, besides decorating with colorful pieces, to add dimension to one’s space. Use texture as a way to liven up the room and decorate with different shades and tones of the same color.

It’s okay to break the rules: 5 Interior design myths debunked

3. Chandeliers belong in formal spaces

Chandeliers may have belonged in the sophisticated dining room or the grand foyer in the past, but not anymore! With recent design trends and the shift toward trendier, more casual designs, a chandelier can now be used in any room of the home – formal or casual.

4. Area rugs are only for hardwood floors

Area rugs are in fact a great way to cozy up a hardwood floor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a rug in a carpeted room as well. If you have a neutral carpet, a textured rug featuring a bold color or print is a great way to add some visual excitement to your space.

It’s okay to break the rules: 5 Interior design myths debunked

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5. Decorating “rules” must be followed

There’s no harm in following decorating guidelines, but don’t be afraid to break the rules to create a space that is truly you! All-in-all, your home should reflect your personality and style, rather than be a representation of how you think your space should look.

By Wendy Weinert

Wendy Weinert is an HGTV addict and avid DIYer. When not working on a craft project, as an interior design blogger and enthusiast, she is passionately helping people beautify their environment by providing insightful advice and inspiration.

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