New year, new trends. It seems there are always exciting new shifts and changes in the design world and 2019 is no exception. Here 10 designers share the trends they’re most excited about this year.

Going Green

1. In 2019 it’s all about green, says Kate Spiro, an interior designer based in New York City. “Where bright blue dominated living rooms for a while, dark and rich green tones will be the new go to, providing a nice pop of color to your space while still feeling refined,” says Spiro. “Dark green pairs nicely with many colors so it is really easy to incorporate and mix in with existing decor as well.”

Bold Colors

2. Color in general is making a bold comeback, says Leslie Saul of Leslie Saul & Associates. “I’m most excited to see the increased eclectic use of color and pattern,” she says. “Homes should be friendly places filled with energy and life, not sterile modern boxes that are so clean that you ruin the design if you leave a sweater on the back of a stool, or a blender out on the counter.” Homeowners in 2019, she says, should “relax and enjoy the plethora of choices of multi-color, multi-pattern fabrics and wall papers that are part of this design trend!”

The Modern Day Farmhouse

3. Leslie Bowman, founder and design director of The Design Bar, and a high-end luxury interior designer, points to what she is calling “refined farmhouse” as something she’s excited about for 2019. “The farmhouse trend certainly had its moment, but we are now seeing a shift away from rustic towards more contemporary designs,” Bowman says. “While the exposed wood statement pieces and galvanized metals that characterize the farmhouse style were made popular by HGTV inspiration and DIY accessibility, people are now looking for a bolder, more elegant aesthetic. The perfect balance of these two styles that is one of my favorite upcoming trends.” This shift, she says, “melds natural textures with cleaner, more refined lines that add a bit of contemporary sophistication.”

Furniture with Curves

4. “One of the trends I’m super excited about this year is the curved furniture trend,” says Erin Fausel, lifestyle blogger at American Freight Furniture & Mattress. “From circular bookshelves to round sofas there are so many pieces with elements of waves and curves that you can incorporate in your home.” Fausel says that she’s especially a fan of “inviting small curved elements into your space.” For instance: half moon side tables, round storage ottomans, and circular wall art. “Each of these pieces are easy to add to your existing design and are very cost effective,” she says. “The beauty of the trend is you can commit to it as little or as much as you want.”

Swinging Doors

5. From curved furniture to swinging doors. Amira Johnson, an interior designer with Emerald Doors, says: “These doors, quite frankly, will be the most intriguing addition to your interiors. Anyone who visits your home will be pleasantly surprised after taking a look at them. Double swinging doors will make a grand entrance to the kitchen. They can also be used for other rooms.” The only potential disadvantage, she says, is that these doors will take up more space than others.

Transparent Rooms

6. And speaking of doors, Marvin Windows and Doors director of corporate strategy and design, Christine Marvin, is seeing a rise in the use of rooms of glass to counteract the overused open floor plan. “This rising trend sees windows and doors being used in the interiors of home to create transparent rooms-within-rooms.” It works especially well with open floor plans, she says.

Antique Finishes in the Kitchen

7. Paul DeFeis, senior managing partner of Trade Mark Design & Build says: “We are most excited about custom range hoods in antiqued finishes on stainless steel, zinc, and copper. To complement the range hoods we are turning to appliance manufacturers that have fun and exciting painted colors to choose from.”

Photo courtesy of: Trade Mark Design and Build

Maximalism, Nature and Desert

8. Sherwin-Williams director of color marketing, Sue Wadden, points to maximalism, natural nature and desert modern as three key trends for 2019.

  • “This started on the runways of Milan in April. We started seeing designers colliding color, texture and shape that has now emerged very quickly in home interiors,” Wadden says.
  • Natural nature. Here’s what she’s seeing: “Dried colors, fresh colors, bringing the combinations together, so a nice shift from the oversized botanicals. Lots of woodland references, mushrooms, ferns. I see mushrooms everywhere now as a key shape. That brings you back to the security of nature, and how pretty it is.”
  • Desert modern. “We’ve seen the tropical, fringe, tassel and palm leave vibes evolve – we’ve started to see an evolution of that, which pushes a bit more into the American Southwest – a bohemian, desert modern look with earthier tones, elemental references and cactuses,” says Wadden.

Raw Materials  and Patterns in Countertop Designs

9. Formica global design lead Renee Hytry Derrington says she’s seeing composite terrazzo, bold patterns, subtle veining, and raw woods as key trends in countertop designs. “Raw, bleached woods are the new white,” she says. “As Scandi-influenced modern cabinetry and countertops blend ‘clean’ with the warmth of wood. Raw woods mean a cozier modern feel influenced by Hygge.”

*Photos courtesy of Formica

Non-Gendered Style Spaces

10. Kristie Oldham, partner and design and trend director with Richardson Design points to “non-gendered style spaces” as something she sees emerging for 2019. It’s “the use of bold color and their color combinations to break away from gendered styled spaces,” she says. “In the past, palettes that were reserved for only super trend-forward spaces and fashion lines are finally becoming more prevalent and accepted by the general populace. What is most exciting about this trend is how it can open up the opportunities for design when working on hyper-masculine spaces like sports venues.”

Whatever trends you decide to incorporate into your new projects or redecorating efforts, there are a myriad of options to choose from guaranteed to cater to styles ranging from the traditional to the eclectic. Hopefully these designers’ perspectives have provided you with some concepts to mull for your next design project.

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