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How to Shop for a Ceiling Fan

Shopping for a ceiling fan can seem like a mundane task that's more about function than fashion, but there's no need to sacrifice one for the other. Our selection of ceiling fans offers the best of both worlds combining distinct design with optimal performance. With that said, the best place to start shopping for a ceiling fan is by assessing its placement.

Ceiling Fan Placement

Start by measuring the height of the room from the floor to the ceiling. As a general rule, you should install a ceiling fan eight to nine feet from the floor; it should be at least seven feet from the floor for safety and always placed in the middle of the room.

If you'd like to install a fan in a room that has a lower ceiling, you will want to shop for a low-profile hugger fan. Alternatively, if your ceiling is higher than eight feet from the floor, you'll want to consider a fan with a downrod. You can shop for a ceiling fan downrod in a variety of lengths so how low your ceiling fan hangs is adjustable.

Ceiling Fan Functional Features

Here's where ceiling fan shopping gets more fun. You can shop for fan features in terms of function like whether it has a pull chain or remote control capabilities or is battery operated. You may also want to look for a fan that has the ability to reverse the circulation direction; during the warmer months, fans that can circulate counter-clockwise will blow the air downward more, while during the colder months, you want a fan to operate clockwise to just circulate the air without blowing air downward.

Additionally, you will have to decide if you are shopping for a ceiling fan with lights. Some ceiling fans have the light fixture pre-built into the design which makes assembly much easier. But if you happen to find a fan you really like and it doesn't have a light source, you can buy a ceiling fan light kit that will add on to the light source.

Ceiling Fan Design Features

Finally, you can start narrowing down the selection of the best ceiling fans by shopping for what you like in terms of finish, style, and size. Ceiling fan blades come in several designs from traditional shapes to fan blades with curves, ribbed or rounded edges. If you're working with a small room, you can find fans that look like a simple lighting fixture, but also have built-in fan capabilities.

No matter what you're looking for, we're certain you can find a style you love on Bellacor.com. However, do your research because there is much more to ceiling fan shopping than finding something you love.

Ceiling Fan FAQ's

Q: Which direction should ceiling fans spin in the summer?

A: Rotate your fans in a counterclockwise direction to push the air down, creating a wind chill effect. Conversely, clockwise motion pulls cooler air up, which displaces the warmer air that is usually trapped near the ceiling. For additional info please refer to our Ceiling Fan Buying Guide.

Q: Are ceiling fans energy efficient?

A: Ceiling fans work best to supplement the HVAC system in your home, thus saving you energy. Ideally you can run your furnace or air conditioning at a lower setting with a fan. The level of efficiency also depends on the blade pitch and the size of the motor. Steeper blade pitches need bigger motors to move through the air. They move more air, but the bigger motor uses more energy. Ceiling fans generally cost less to operate than an average incandescent light bulb. Shop our assortment of Energy Star rated fans for maximum energy savings. Remember that ceiling fans cool people, not rooms. So turn off the fan when you leave the room.

Q: Can you mount a ceiling fan on a sloped ceiling?

A: Some fans come equipped with a bracket adapter that makes them easier to mount on a sloped ceiling with downrods that help it clear the wall. You'll still want to make sure your fan is the ideal 8 feet above the floor. If they don't have the adapter, they can't mount on a sloped ceiling.

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