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      Discover the timeless legacy of Crystorama Lighting where craftsmanship and attention to detail shine through every fixture. With a wide range of interior and exterior lighting options, Crystorama Lighting illuminates spaces with elegance and distinction. From classic designs to modern marvels, Crystorama Lighting transforms any environment into a beacon of style and sophistication.
1,190 Results

Crystorama Lighting

Crystorama is a family business, gone global. It's obsessed with chandeliers. It's passionate and energetic and dedicated to quality. Those are all important things for a lighting business, but Crystorama got to where it is today because it listens. It listens to partners who sell its designs. And most important, it listens to the people buying those designs.

Abe Kleinberg founded Crystorama in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1958. The company has evolved into a fashion-forward design house specializing in unique lighting designs for today’s interior spaces.

All these years after its inception, Crystorama continues to push forward with an eye on providing affordable fashions for your home. Recently, the brand won the ARTs Award for Lighting Manufacturer of the Year, the most prestigious honor in the business. Crystorama isn't driven by winning awards, but it's motivated by the competition. It's why the company hasn't settled, and why it continues to innovate.

Libby Langdon, one of Crystorama's partner designers, is part of that culture of forward thinking. She appreciates that the brand didn't bring her in to do the same thing it was already doing.

"What I thought was fun in partnering (with Crystorama) was to introduce some looks that were things that were nothing like they had in their existing collection," said Langdon, an interior designer. "That's when it's neat to start working with a company is to bring a whole new look and a whole new style."

Crystorama is always challenging itself like that. And it's not just about designs, but how it runs the business. The company installed solar panels in its New York factory, greatly reducing emissions and saving energy at the same time. Crystorama is certified as an environmentally friendly organization by the Green Business Bureau.

Proud to employ hundreds worldwide, and to provide lighting artistry to thousands more every year, Crystorama is of the moment but grounded in authenticity, just like its fixtures.

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