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2,737 Results

Modern Wall Art & Contemporary Wall Art

Wall art is one of the most enjoyable home accents to shop for, but with so many styles, shapes, sizes, and colors available, the unlimited options can feel overwhelming. But when it's done right, your wall décor can set the design pulse of your home and serve as an extension of your identity, style, and vibe. The Bellacor collection of wall art has everything you need to complement any space. From unique abstract wall art and elegant wall décor to modern wall art with a new spin on traditional themes, these pieces are made for starting conversations and turning heads.

Ideas for Choosing the Right Wall Art for Your Style

Wall art presents a diverse range of styles to choose from including sculptural pieces, art work, wall hangings, and framed images that designers and homeowners, alike will love. If your home leans more toward the traditional style, framed art pictures and décor are great starting points. If you are looking for modern wall art or something more contemporary, look to wall sculptures and large-format paintings with bold colors and unique frames. If you are drawn to transition or eclectic style, you can begin by mixing and matching various art pieces in comparing or contrasting pairings.

Wall Art Decor in Your Home

The beauty of wall art décor is that it can be placed in any room of your home. Framed wall art can fill your walls and give a sparse or unadorned room added style. Hallways, stairwells, and rooms that transition a person from one place to another are perfect places to add the wall art. It can break up the length of a hallway and bring interest into spaces that are usually without furniture. Look to placing featured art as standalone pieces on the wall or collections of pieces into a gallery.

Modern Wall Décor

Modern wall art reaches outside the box – and frame for that matter! Modern wall art can range from eye-catching pieces with 3D designs to highly textural pieces in perfectly polished gold or silver frames with hypnotic abstract prints inside. Create a geometric focal point with interlocking circles or metallic starbursts. Or fill your space with modern artwork with sculptural details. Bare walls can benefit from large modern wall art that commands attention. From budget-friendly works to expensive wall art painted and perfected by hand, these decorative accents bring instant style and character to your home. Browse our complete assortment of modern wall décor for the pieces that stand out to you.

Contemporary Wall Décor

Contemporary wall art has the ability to transform a room with striking visuals, intricate textures, and beautiful hues. Try styling copper wall art above a sofa or over a dining room buffet to add personality to empty walls, or hang a boldly painted style in a neutral-heavy bedroom or bathroom for a splash of color. From contemporary metal wall art with hand-hammered finishes to overlapping geometric shapes and one-of-a-kind wall plaques crafted with figurines, these styles go beyond the confines of design. Place them anywhere (and everywhere) for meaningful décor that awakens your home with customized themes and unbridled creativity. Browse our complete selection of contemporary modern wall décor for artistic statements that complement your personal sense of style.

Abstract Wall Art

Abstract wall art is an innovative way to explore creative concepts and themes with mesmerizing works that are open to interpretation. Inspire thought-provoking discussions with large abstract wall art hung for all to see, place an abstract wall art set in a guest room for colorful composition, or arrange various pieces of abstract canvas wall art throughout your home for artistic journeys and cohesive transitions. Whether you’re searching for vivid plays on color or geo-patterns formed with various angles and shapes, these abstract designs bring dynamic dimensions to any setting.

Elegant Wall Décor

Give any room the look of luxe with elegant wall décor that delights and dazzles. Our selection of elegant wall art represents a design lover's dream come true where endless display options and limitless styling possibilities come together.

Whatever your styling preferences, wall art is a must-have addition to your home. These decorative designs complement any aesthetic with unique themes and creative visions. They also allow you to add a personal finishing touch. Once you've found the perfect piece for your wall, don't forget that art lighting can add just another touch of brilliance to the mix!

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