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Wall Sconce Accent Lighting

Decorative wall sconces are a brilliant addition to your home and can lend accent or ambient light to any space. These elegant designs complement overhead chandeliers and pendants with secondary lighting without competing for attention, and they can instantly transform a room’s overall look and feel.

Use them to bring warmth to your family room, upgrade a home office, or illuminate your master bath with ease. Browse indoor wall sconces with upward, downward, or multi-directional lighting to best serve the space at hand. Down-turned lights are perfect for task lighting, while upturned and multi-directional lighting can be used to add warmth or even showcase a nearby accent cabinet, wall art, or silk drapes. Some of our most popular options include candle sconces, glass sconces, and flush-to-wall styles. We also carry metal designs, half-moon sconces, and plug-in sconces that are quick and easy to install.

Wall sconce lighting is a prime example of how even the smallest accents can deliver big statements all their own. From ornate, vintage-inspired silhouettes to sleek, modern fixtures, we have the perfect wall sconce/s to flatter your space.

Uses for Indoor Wall Sconces

Sconces are an incredibly versatile lighting choice and can be mounted on various walls throughout your home. Incorporate them as hallway lighting that won’t infringe on valuable space, or use them as accent lighting above or beside wall mirrors or a colorful wall hanging.

Bedside wall sconces and swing-arm designs are great at providing direct task lighting for reading in bed, and they can free up space on your nightstand for books, flowers, and other decorative accents. Similarly, a sconce light can serve you well in the kitchen and dining room. Use one or two for task lighting near windows, islands, and sinks, or position them to highlight your favorite design features or dinnerware collection.

Wall sconces are also a creative way to make a wall pop. Use a decorative design on a wallpapered wall for an eye-catching statement, or space a series of sconce/s down a corridor or staircase for extra visual appeal. Whether you’re searching for bathroom sconces as an alternative to traditional vanity lights or simply want bedside illumination without a bulky table lamp, these designs are a sleek and functional choice. Shop our collection of lighting today for the sconce/s that your home demands.

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