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Currey & Company

Since 1988, Currey & Company is not just about the signature home furnishings it creates. Oh, the lighting, furniture and accessories are surely beautiful. But Currey & Company knows there are countless people behind every gorgeous item in its showroom. So many hands touch every piece. So many people take pride in the quality, craftsmanship, design and delivery.

It is a long, meticulous process and varies depending on the product. Take for example, a chandelier, one of the signature pieces Currey & Company offers. The frame is shipped to the Atlanta headquarters warehouse from its factory in the Philippines. While it comes in finished with its wires pulled through, the final embellishments such as beads and crystals are added by the U.S.-based crew to ensure the level of craftsmanship meets the brand standard. Décor is pinned and candle cups added before the final quality-control inspection/testing. Then the chandelier is carefully wrapped, each arm and embellishment individually. A custom crate is built to fit that particular chandelier so it's ready to ship. That's only one chandelier in the entire assortment of products – and it's not including the design process.

"Our design perspective is not driven by any single individual; it’s an intensive, collective effort among our in-house team and their counterparts overseas," said Brownlee Currey, company president. "We’re proud to say the ‘& Company’ in our name reflects this collaborative approach."

A spirit of creativity has typified the rise of Currey & Company, and that creativity manifests itself in every new design, every fresh accessory for the home. It's a willingness to take the extra step where others in the industry might choose to take an easier path to save time and trouble.

Marjorie Skouras and Lillian August designed a collection for Currey & Company because they appreciated the brand's vision: To create and fulfill the desire for distinctive home furnishings.

The Marjorie Skouras Collection evokes her own Hollywood heritage. She started her career in the film business, so it's only fitting that her pieces produce drama powered by color. The Lillian August Collection features signature designs that are both endearing and enduring.

Their designer vision has helped propel the Currey & Company product line over 1,000. But it's the people behind the scenes that make that vision a reality as the brand offers a floor-to-ceiling shopping experience.

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