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Buying A Chandelier

Chandeliers add an irresistible touch of glamour to your home. A sparkling and decorative chandelier hung in the living room or dining room is a classic symbol of wealth, beauty, and domestic elegance.

Choose the Best Chandelier for Your Space

If you're looking for a dining room chandelier or a decorative chandelier for your home, Bellacor offers a wide selection of chandelier lighting to suit any taste or budget. The first thing you'll want to do is narrow down your options by determining the right chandelier size, the type of finish you like, and where the chandelier will live. There are ways to shop by all of those qualifiers. You can also search for light fixtures by styles like farmhouse, industrial and modern.

Chandelier Considerations

While you shop, it's easy to get lost in the number of options and find quite a few looks you love. If only it were that easy! There are additional factors you should consider before you may a final purchasing decision. Here are the most important things to think through:

Chandelier Style

Consider your home's décor and overall style. If your home is decorated in a modern, retro, contemporary or transitional style, then a geometric, rectangular or sputnik chandelier would serve these styles well. For traditional, vintage, Victorian, or farmhouse-style homes, a traditional chandelier with curved lines and ornate detailing will look stunning.

Chandelier Size

Choosing the right chandelier to visually 'fit' within the room's dimensions will greatly enhance the appeal of the space. To discover what width of chandelier you need, simply add together the measured length and width of the room in feet to find the diameter of the chandelier in inches. For example, a 12x20-foot room would ideally look best with an approximately 32-inch wide chandelier (12 + 20 = 32 inches).

If you are installing the chandelier above a dining table as many people do, the width of the chandelier should be at least 12 inches less than the table width. For oval dining tables, measure the table across the middle or at the widest part. For example, a 40-inch-wide table would look best with a chandelier that is no more than 28 inches.

Chandelier Placement

Most residential homes have eight-foot ceilings. But other homes and commercial buildings can have ceilings as tall as nine or 12 feet high. To determine height, keep in mind that the bottom of the fixture should be at least seven feet or higher above the floor. Of course, if your ceiling is higher, a larger fixture is necessary.

As a rule, a dining room chandelier should hang approximately 30 to 36 inches above your table. Although this rule is flexible depending on your needs, it's a proven measurement for adjusting the table-to-chandelier height.

Example of Height Measurements:
Step 1 – If your dining table is 3 feet in height (36 inches), add 36 inches to your table height (36 inches + 36 inches = 72 inches) to obtain the distance from the floor your chandelier should hang.
Step 2 – Subtract 72 inches from your ceiling height to get the maximum height of your chandelier. If you have a 12-foot ceiling, (12 feet [144 inches] – 72 inches = 72 inches. The chandelier should hang 72 inches down from the ceiling.

Types of Chandeliers

Learn more about popular decorative chandelier styles below, and decide which type will work best for your space.


– Classic candle-style chandeliers feature candelabra-style arms that hold faux candles; they bring a sense of formality and tradition to a dining room or any space.


Crystal chandeliers bring the glamour of Old Hollywood to your home. Sparkling prisms will impart an eye-catching display of light in an entryway, dining room, and master bath – any room in your home. Today's chandeliers are fashioned of faceted clear crystal glass or clear faux glass (acrylic).


Drum chandeliers feature one or more circular chandelier shades. Select drum styles have crystal prisms that peek below the bottom of the shade, adding a posh touch. Drum chandeliers work well in a master bath, guest bedroom, or any indoor space.


– Draped bead strings made of wood or crystal, cascade down into a decorative "bowl" to create Empire style. Empire chandeliers are usually narrower at the top, gradually flaring outward to a round or pointed base. Empire chandeliers look fabulous in an entryway or spa bath.


Geometric chandeliers feature an open, cage-like silhouette and are often designed in geometric or round shape. They are a splendid and modern alternative to simple square, rectangle, and globe designs. Geometric chandeliers work well with casual or modern décor and look great in a breakfast area or bedroom.


Sputnik chandeliers are considered modern, avant-garde, retro, or space-age in design. This striking lighting design has a unique look all its own. Sputnik chandeliers feature a center spindle, with emanating arms with light bulbs on the tips. Sunburst or geometric styles are popular.

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Timeless Chandelier Lights

Whether in an entry, foyer, bedroom, powder room, or dining room, a chandelier will bring an elegant look to any indoor space. No matter your taste, you're sure to find a fixture that enhances your home and suits your style.

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