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Brand Story

Fanimation ceiling fans might look familiar. That's because they've been features in the film I, Robot, the television show Extreme Makeover Home Edition as well as various HGTV shows and in the pages of Vanity Fair and Modernism.

Where do they get their star quality? It's all in the craftsmanship and artistry of a one-of-a-kind product.

But, like many stories of stardom, Fanimation wasn't always a headliner. In fact, it started small.

Over 25 years ago, Tom Frampton started thinking about creating unique, beautiful ceiling fans like no one had seen before. And he dreamed of building a business.

So Frampton went to work in his garage in Pasadena, California. He created the first Fanimation design – The Punkah. It is a unique fan made of a line of oval bamboo blades that slowly, and in unison, wave rhythmically to gently move the air. This distinctive, calming design was a hit. Frampton couldn't keep up with the huge demand.

So the company expanded and moved headquarters from California to Indiana. And the company grew. It became international, shipping ceiling fans to more than 23 countries with products in over 1,500 retail stores.

The company has stayed on top not just of trends in the marketplace, but of emerging cultural priorities. By the sheer nature of the business, these fans help with energy efficiency. Fanimation products help use air movement and air currents to cut back on the use of air conditioning that can release ecologically damaging chemicals into the air. And the company is dedicated to sustainable business. Many Fanimation products are Energy Star rated. Its collection includes fans that use LED lighting and DC motors. And with a careful eye toward using recycled materials for shipping and energy efficient lighting throughout its facilities, Fanimation makes green production a priority.

Even as the business has grown, the company culture has never changed. The pursuit of unique, world-class fans has remained its main focus. And family has remained central to that pursuit. In fact, Nathan Frampton, son of founder Tom Frampton, has taken over leadership at Fanimation. He has continued his father's mission to grow the business while maintaining a family friendly corporate culture. Despite being an international brand with hundreds of retail outlets, the company's attitude and approach to business has remained the same.

And why not? At Fanimation, it's a successful approach to business that's been proven with time.

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