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Home Lighting Fixtures You’ll Love

At Bellacor, we’re proud to offer an extensive yet exclusive series of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures to suit all your decorative needs. Our interior light fixtures keep your home beautifully lit from within, while our outdoor pieces add instant character and charm to your home’s exterior.

The lighting you choose for your home does so much more than simply brighten the rooms within it. In fact, well-chosen lighting fixtures can anchor a space while creating the right environment for you to connect with loved ones, work from home, or simply kick back and relax. Whether you’re shopping for ceiling lights, wall lights, or accent pieces, our lighting collection is filled with designs that pair function with style.

Proper lighting can help provide a sense of comfort and security, and it’s a practical and necessary element for each and every room of the home. From overhead ceiling lighting and mounted wall lights to lamps and dimmers, we have everything you need to brighten any space.

Choosing Light Fixtures for Your Space

While we’re proud to offer a vast assortment of lighting fixtures, we also realize that with endless options comes endless decisions. Before settling on a single design, it’s important to look at some different factors.

First, you’ll want to consider the size of the space you’re working with to best determine what type of light it requires. Smaller spaces are best served by similarly petite fixtures, while larger, open areas demand bigger designs for proper balance.

Next, it’s a good idea to think about the light’s desired function. Do you need overhead task lighting for culinary prep and office work, or are you searching for ambient light for dining rooms and living rooms? Task lighting relies more on down-turned bulbs, while ambient light may have a mix of upturned and down-turned bulbs instead. Finally, be on the lookout for opportunities to layer a room’s lighting. Most spaces require a mix of overhead lighting and accent pieces to achieve glowing results.

Once you’ve determined your preferred type of light fixture, simply use our filters to shop by finish, shape, or style.

Buy Lights That Reflect Your Unique Style

Choosing lights that reflect your personal sense of style is one of the most effective ways to enhance your existing home decor. Whether you’re searching for functional task lighting or an eye-catching fixture that makes a statement, there are countless ways to use outdoor and indoor lighting fixtures to achieve your desired look.

Searching high and low for an overhead light that’s sure to wow your guests? Browse our collection of contemporary chandeliers and pendants for designs that go above and beyond. Working with limited space? Wall sconces, recessed lights, and mounted fixtures lend ambiance and charm to a room while eliminating the need for additional side tables and floor lamps. Our light fixtures range in size and shape to brighten any space with ease, and we carry a wide selection of color palettes and finishes to suit your preferences to a T.

Our collection of interior lights also caters to a variety of home décor styles. Whether you’re a fan of traditional chandeliers with ornate details or prefer the simplicity of modern accents instead, these categories can help steer your final selection.

From lighted ceiling fans to bath lighting essentials, we have everything you need to illuminate your home to perfection.