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If you want to add drama and impact to your space without the cost or look of a chandelier, consider adding pendant lighting throughout your home. Extremely versatile in style, shape, and expenditure, pendant lights are suitable for just about any room—though they are most commonly installed in the entryway, kitchen, or living room.

Types of Pendant Lighting

The most common types of pendant lighting include bowl, dome and drum but the design, finish and shape of each type vary considerably. Other common types include lantern pendants and linear pendant lighting, both which offer stunning options in any style.

The types are generally named after their shape and while you can choose whatever fixture shape you like, some do fit better in places than others. For example, the long and slender shape of a linear pendant is perfect to hang above a kitchen island, but this look can also be replicated by hanging a pair of lantern pendants, too. Because of their circular shape, bowl, dome, and drum fixtures are great additions over a round dining table or in an entryway.

How to Choose a Pendant Ceiling Light

There are several ways to go about shopping for these types of hanging lights. You should start by assessing the room where you want to install the light and what sort of purpose the light will serve. Pendants are adaptable to many situations allowing them to be used for tasks, moods, and general lighting. If you're looking for kitchen lighting, you likely want to choose a fixture that provides task lighting so you can see what you're cooking. A linear or lantern pendant would be perfect for this application. Alternatively, if you're placing a light fixture in your bedroom, you're likely using it to create a mood or for general lighting. In that case, a bowl or dome pendant could be a good option for you.

Once you've narrowed down your options by assessing your needs and choosing the fixture shape, you can filter your search by color, finish and style. Style options range from modern pendant lighting to rustic pendants —you can find just about every style in between including a fusion of different styles. Browse by trends like glass pendant lights or gold lantern pendants or stick to something a little more traditional.

You can also search by bulb type, number of lights, and price range so that you are able to find the perfect fit for both your home and your budget. From the foyer to the dining room and the kitchen to the hall, these hanging lights offer versatility and something in every price range. If you're still not sure what you're looking for or have more questions, we've made this complete buying guide for you; it has everything you need to know from types and styles to what's currently trending.

FAQs about Pendant Lighting and Hanging Lamps

Q: What is the difference between chandeliers and pendants?
A: Pendant lights hang singularly with one light off a chain while chandeliers have multiple branches with multiple lights stemming from the chain. Pendants can create a more modern look to your home and can be a money-saving alternative to a chandelier, both in the purchase price and installation costs.

Q: How far apart should my pendant lights hang?
A: The space between a set of lights will fully depend on the surface that you are using them to illuminate. If you are hanging a set of pendants over a long table or a kitchen island, you want to measure 12 inches from the length of the surface, and the resulting measurement is the space you have to hang multiple pendants. Read more about pendant lighting placement.

Q: Can I adjust the height of pendant lighting?
A: Yes. Many pendants come with adjustable heights. If it hangs from a cord, chain or cable, it is most likely adjustable. If it hangs from a stem, it is likely not adjustable. Check the specifications and description of each product for installation details.

Q: Can I hang a ceiling light on a pitched or sloped ceiling?
A: Yes. Look for fixtures that include an installation kit specified for sloped ceilings. Most pendants with a chain, cord, or cable use gravity to create a plumb hang to the pendant and can be installed on a slope.

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