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polished nickel one-light pendants
251 first 18 inch four-light pendant
hudson valley four-light pendant
millennium lighting lantern pendant
millennium lighting pendant
gold 14 inch four-light pendant


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Evelyn Rubbed Bronze Four-Light Lantern Pendant
Be prepared to show off a warm welcome in your

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Quinton Aged Brass Four-Light Lantern Pendant
A candelabra array fills Quinton’s crystal-clear

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Quinton Aged Brass Four-Light Lantern Pendant
A candelabra array fills Quinton’s crystal-clear

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Pendant Lighting TipsPendant Lighting Tips

If you want to add drama and impact to your home, pendants can change the look of a room instantly. Extremely versatile, pendant fixtures come in a wide range of styles and materials. They are also suitable for many lighting situations in your home from the foyer, to the kitchen. While island, bowl, dome and drum are the four most common, at Bellacor you'll find options for every look and desire. Adding new ceiling lights or refreshing your current lights will allow your home to have a style update without a full-house remodel. Want to give your foyer a boost – swap for a more modern pendant. Need to shed more light on your food prep now that the days are shorter – it must be time to update your kitchen lighting fixtures! New island lights will move your kitchen from “so-so” to “show stopping"!

Pendants: Inspiration & Ideas

With such a wide range of choices, choosing the perfect pendant light can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t need to be. First, determine what type of lighting is needed. Pendants are adaptable to many situations allowing them to be used for task, mood, decorative and general lighting. Once you understand what type of hanging lights you need, it’s time to determine which style of pendant will fit into your interior design. Hanging light fixtures come in a wide range of styles from the traditional to modern.
  • Lantern pendant lights have a very traditional style. They have open sides with the lights suspended in the middle and often the sides contain glass.
  • Orb hanging lights contain the light unit within a globe. A full globe - often made of translucent glass but not necessarily - is more traditional than an open orb with the lights exposed.
  • Cage light fixtures are similar to lantern pendant fixtures, but the side facets are often made up of smaller geometric shapes with thick struts to create dramatic shadows.
  • Foyer lights have a long cord and are often large to create more impact with a single fixture. They are suited for bigger, more open spaces.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Tips

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it is important to have light fixtures that look as good as they perform. This is certainly true with pendants. Featuring adjustable heights, kitchen pendant lights can be installed anywhere a stylish and functional light is needed: above worktops, islands, breakfast bars or dining areas. And no matter what your kitchen style, from farmhouse to cottage to modern or traditional, there will be a hanging light fixture perfectly suited for you. When you are choosing your lighting design for your kitchen think of pendants as the finishing touch that will add that little bit of extra something, giving your kitchen the “Wow Factor.”

Wouldn’t your home benefit from a little spruce up by way of fresh pendant lighting? Of course it would! If you want to add drama, a multi-light hanging fixture over a farmhouse tale instantly creates a bold statement. Grouping similar pendant lights hung at different heights over a work surface will provide the needed task lighting and eye-catching look at the same time. Classic downlight pendant lighting for a kitchen island will provide a warm ambience for dining while a single drum pendant lighting for a designated kitchen dining area produces a stylish setting.

Modern Pendant Lighting

Stylish and striking, modern pendant lights give a contemporary vibe to any room. Typically, modern design refers to anything from the 20th Century and is recognized by angles, an industrial look and a boxy design. Even within the term of modern, there are different styles of pendant light fixtures available.

Modern pendant lighting can be used throughout your home and will add beauty and drama wherever they are placed. Be sure to remember the shadow cast by the modern pendants. This is often the most striking feature of the pendant light fixture.
  • Contemporary pendant light fixtures are edgy and eclectic. Dynamic and very “now,” these modern pendants are on the cutting edge of today’s interior design trends. This style often borrows elements from a number of styles and eras and these pendant light fixtures are often created using innovative materials in an interesting way.
  • Transitional pendants hold the middle stylistic ground between traditional and modern or contemporary light fixtures. These modern hanging lights feature a traditional frame with oversized or modern lights or shades.
  • Traditional fixtures have simpler designs and are created by using traditional materials which give modern pendant lights a chic and understated feel. The metal downlight pendant is an excellent example of traditional, modern kitchen lighting.

Ideas for Island Lighting

Life in the kitchen revolves around the island – and it deserves the best lighting. Choosing the correct island pendants is one of the most important lighting decisions you will make. Begin by asking yourself how you plan to use your kitchen island.
  • Food prep: This will require island lights with more focus. A group of simple single downlight pendants will provide ample lighting for your work.
  • More snacking and mingling than prep work on your kitchen island: In this case, choose fixtures with softer, ambient light to create a more intimate mood.
  • Relaxed eating space: Repeating the same island pendant lights lends a classic, chic look to a kitchen island that doubles as a dining area.

A single multi-lamp hanging pendant placed over a kitchen island will create a dramatic focal point for the room. And don’t forget, which hanging light pendant you choose will also determine how the other features of your kitchen are showcased. Perhaps your kitchen island features a beautiful countertop. In this case, a warm wash of the island pendant light will help bring out various tones of the countertop material while directional light pendants will bring out the sparkle in surfaces like granite. From dramatic and bold to subtle and utilitarian, pendant lights can bring out the very best of your kitchen.

Something for Every Look & Style
Proper lighting does more than simply provide illumination. It creates brilliance and turns a house into a home. From the foyer to the dining room, kitchen to the hall, pendants are one of the key components of all lighting plans. With a full-range of styles, sizes and prices, we are sure you will find the perfect pendant light here at Bellacor. If you need any help or wish to discuss the finer points of any of our fixtures, please call our customer service line. We look forward to hearing from you because – Home is a Life in Progress.


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Average rating for reviewed Pendant Lighting
4 out of 5 (795 reviews).

5 out of 5 (7 reviews)
Kenwood Vintage Gold Five-Light Linear Pendant
We love our chandelier that sits above our rectangular table. In my search to stay on budget this was a fraction of the price of many I was looking at and compared very close in style!

2 out of 5 (9 reviews)
Vintage Gold 16-Inch Four-Light Pendant
Still haven't received the 2 chandeliers.... I ordered them over a month ago

4 out of 5 (13 reviews)
Kenwood Vintage Gold Four-Light Lantern Pendant
I just got this in today and I am so excited. Shipping was so fast, I got it in 4-5 days! I ordered the 20" and it does look much larger than I expected. Diagonally it measures at about 30". It is very similar to a much more expensive and high end light fixture. The only con is that it is not even close to the color that is pictured, although it is still pretty. I was expecting a bright gold but it is definitely more a matte silver.

5 out of 5 (2 reviews)
Antique Turquoise One-Light Pendant With Glass And Wire Cage
My husband recently installed our pendant light in our kitchen nook area. It turned out to be the one thing that finished off our kitchen. It is the perfect size, not too large but it is also not a small light either. It's antique mint or army green look gives off just the right amount of color to the space. It looks dirty, the way it was antiqued, but don't let this put you off it is stunning and the "dirt" only heightens the interesting details in the light. It does come with a plug but my husband was able to splice the cord and connect it to the ceiling electrical wiring. Stunning and true to picture.