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Shopping for a table lamp may seem like a straightforward process, but a trip to the store or a quick Internet search will reveal otherwise. Whether you're on the hunt for a living room table lamp or a table lamp for your bedroom, there are actually several considerations you should keep in mind beyond color and design. First of all, the room is a deciding factor on the type of lamp you need. If the lamp will primarily be used for task lighting, such as a reading light next to your couch or on your bedside table, then you need to shop for a lamp with a higher light output. If you're looking for a lamp that will provide more general lighting, then the light output is less of a concern.

In addition to table lamp style, there are functionality factors to consider. If you would like to place a lamp in the center of the room or in a location without a nearby outlet, you should look for a cordless or wireless lamp. These types of lamps operate on rechargeable batteries and therefore need a low-wattage bulb.

The best table lamps will fit your style and illuminate the space—both for tasks and ambiance. If aesthetics are most important to you, shop by materials, silhouettes or features. You can categorize the features to search for touch table lamps, dimmable lamps and pull chains. You can also refine your search by using the filters on the Bellacor site to shop by style, color, shape or shade type. If the lighting element is your main point of concern, you can shop by color temperature, lumens or bulb technology.

This will offer you a starting point to finding the best table lamp for your home. And if you can't decide between a couple options—buy them both, every room in your house can benefit from a lamp! For additional information on how to find the best table lamp for your room, keep reading our advice below—or for frequently asked questions, click here

How to Choose the Right Table Lamp
If your home has a traditional style, one suggestion is to look for fine decorative details, fluting or rounded vase profiles. If you are more into a transitional style, search for understated details and a focus on the volume of the shade in relation to the base of the lamp. A gooseneck or swing arm table lamp is a great example of this style. For modern or contemporary styles, you may find lamps that have a sculptural or minimalist look appealing. A tree or multi-arm lamp might be a great sculptural choice, for just another example. One other idea is to choose a touch lamp for easy on/off functionality; they come in nearly any style.

Where Table Lamps Work Best In Your Home
These types and designs of lamps are all about adding style and layers of light to your room. They are often also used for task lighting. If you think of places in your home where a pool of light on a surface will help you in some way, you are on track to finding places in your home for table lamps. This might be your front entryway, where a hall table is placed for mail and other duties, or a softly lit area to welcome you home at the end of the day. Table lamps are often found on either side of a sofa, near a reading chair, or on a bedside table as well. It really comes down to where you need that extra touch of light in your home.

The Best Table Lamps: Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping
You will want to look for a lamp that fits your particular style, and can illuminate the space for tasks and ambiance. If aesthetics are the focus, pay attention to the materials, silhouettes and finer details. If the lamp is for practicality, look more carefully at the lumen output. In all cases, the right lamp can add warmth, help with tasks, and be a decorative way to illuminate a space. In common areas, table lamps can illuminate the table and parts of a chair nearby, but should not be the sole source of light in the space. Additionally, table lamps for a bedroom will have a softer glow and should be easy to reach from the bed.


Q: How tall should bedside lamps be?

A: There is not a standard, but a simple rule of thumb is that the bottom of the lamp shade should be equal to the height of your chin as you sit up in the bed. Beds come in all different size and heights, but you're always the same height, so measure it against yourself.
Q: Should table lamps match?

A: That's really up to you. In fact, from a design perspective they might be better not to match. But the lamps should be similar height and size throughout the room.
Q: What's the best light bulb for a table lamp?

A: Check the socket on the lamp to see the maximum wattage rating. Using a bulb that exceeds the maximum wattage will produce excess heat thay may cuase a fire hazard or damage the fixture. The wattage indicates energy usage, not the amount of light output. If you will be using the lamp for reading, you may want a bulb with higher light output.
Q: How many table lamps for I need for a room?

A: The number of table lamps per room varies greatly; you will want to consider the size of the room, other lights in the space, the tasks taking place, and the types of tables you have. A good rule of thumb is to look at the soft seating you have in a room and determine if there is a table nearby to place an object on - a book, a remote, or a drink for example. If that seating area needs lighting, it's a good place for a lamp.
Q: How do touch table lamps work?

A: Touch table lamps use the capacity of the human body to hold electrons (it is called the capacitance). Both the human body and the circuit of a lamp have a capacitance, and when you touch a lamp, it detects the fill of electrons within the lamp and your body, and allows you to turn a lamp on and off with the touch of your hand. It is great if you want ease of use or have limited mobility in your hands.
Q: How do wireless table lamps work?

A: Wireless or cordless lamps are battery operated. Much like a camping lantern, but with a lot of style and detail, wireless lamps use a rechargeable battery and a low wattage bulb. These are often LED bulbs because they use minimal wattage. A wireless lamp is great for a table in the middle of a room; it eliminates a cord running across the floor or under a rug.


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