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Ceiling Medallions

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livex lighting bronze ceiling medallion
ceiling medallion
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Crackled Greek Bronze Ceiling Medallion
This beautiful piece is finished in an elegant

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Hand Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Medallion
Add beauty to your home for years to come with

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Verona Bronze Ceiling Medallion
Finish: Verona Bronze Inner cutout measures

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Ceiling Medallions & Chandelier MedallionsCeiling Medallions & Chandelier Medallions

When it comes to picking picture-perfect lighting accessories, beauty lies in the details. Ceiling medallions and chandelier medallions are just what you need to draw attention to your ceiling, lighting fixture, or fan. Installing these decorative and often modern ceiling medallions is easy work that can promptly revamp your existing interior decoration without much ado. Made of versatile materials, ceiling medallions come in assorted shapes and colors to choose from. Simply take your pick from round ceiling medallions and square ceiling medallions. Depending on your room size, opt for large ceiling medallions or the ones that come with smaller diameters.

Styles of Ceiling Medallions

Often your ceilings are overlooked when it comes to decking out a room. Not any more! When it comes to beautifying your home and hearth, let every nook in your living space express the quintessential you. Ceiling medallions and chandelier medallions offer design to living spaces and add to the style and look of the room. Whatever your interior decoration approach, these medallions can snugly fit in and beautifully complement the overall room decor. Our traditional ceiling medallions come in timeless designs and rich detailing. Take things off the ceiling in unexpected ways by choosing wood medallion wall decor that can be painted and combined with other decor elements for an artistic touch. Or, a vintage ceiling medallion may be just right for you if you crave the old world charm. If you are seeking that perfect medallion for your more updated space, then look no further than our modern ceiling medallions. These new designs come with clean lines with innovative contours to make a smart and attractive focal point. The most characteristic way to use a ceiling medallion, however, is paired with a charming lighting fixture or chandelier. Your room will for sure take a whole new look when you bring in the elegance of chandelier medallions. With a myriad of options to choose from, you can take your room decor to the next level the easy way.

Large Ceiling Medallions

Go for a ceiling medallion that is the right size for your room and fixture. When it comes to choosing the perfect ceiling medallion or chandelier medallion, the size of your room matters. Ensure that your medallion does not look out of place and seamlessly merges into the decor. The rule of thumb is to take the square footage of the room, and divide that number by seven. Take the result that is in feet and call them inches (not to be confused with converting to inches). That will mark your ideal ceiling medallion diameter in inches. Our large ceiling medallions look wonderful in expansive living spaces. If you're considering a specific brand, see our Elk medallions for options. These big medallions can also benefit if you have an old or drab looking ceiling that could use a little camouflaging to cover flaws or blemishes. A large ceiling medallion can effortlessly hide imperfections without having to renovate and rebuild the entire ceiling. They can also be an inexpensive option to add character to your room. A large ceiling medallion also allows mounting chandeliers that come with larger and more elaborate canopies. When it comes to highlighting a large hall or ballroom ceiling, you consider using multiple large ceiling medallions to design an utterly opulent look.

Ceiling Medallion Reviews

Love your space simple and sophisticated? Our exquisite ceiling medallions come with just the right features you will love for graceful interior decoration. Every room and decor goal is different. These simple add-ons provide easy ways to revamp your much admired living space, without having to go overboard with renovations. How about our Ekena Millwork Benson Classic Ceiling Medallion? This charming ceiling medallion oozes nostalgia. With intricate carvings, this factory primed medallion is ready for bright paints or a lovely faux finish. You can consider the Ekena Millwork Eryn Ceiling Medallion if you are planning to refurbish a contemporary home. This modish design can give your room a style update minus the hassles of remodeling. Our Livex Lighting Imperial Bronze Ceiling Medallion is sure to turn heads with its attention grabbing color and style. The Livex Lighting Vintage Gold Leaf Ceiling Medallion is another darling that never fails to impress even the most discerning guests. These unfinished embellishments are lightweight, easy to install, and can transform the look of your room right away. Reminiscent of the times of yore, these hand carved ceiling medallions infuse warmth and can provide the perfect finishing strokes to any room decor.

Ideas for Decorative Ceiling Medallions

Decorative ceiling medallions can give a cohesive feel to any living space. With beautiful compositions and fascinating finishes, our ornate ceiling medallions will no doubt steal appreciative glances. Be it round ceiling medallions or square ceiling medallions, these adornments come in scores of styles to suit your personal taste over and above the interior decoration style. Each of our decorative medallions portrays ingenuity, style, and craftsmanship of caliber. Understanding which ceiling medallion suits best with your space will help you choose the right ceiling medallions. Pick a gorgeous sunburst ceiling medallion to spread some vigor and liveliness to your dynamic living room. Ornately carved gold ceiling medallions are great to add sparkle to your room furnishings. They frequently come with mirrored finishes that can lend a unique touch to your overall beautification. You can also consider our very charming metal ceiling medallion in distressed white finish for a vintage antique look. Add chandelier medallions to your room decoration to wonderfully complement the lighting fixtures as well as fans. You can place ornamental medallions above such canopies to complete your room decor with arresting enhancements. With such a widespread range on offer, you are all set to create the custom space of your dreams.

Resilient in nature and easy to set up, ceiling medallions effortlessly add interest and design to your living space in a very attractive way. This wonderfully simple yet unusual decor element elicits a very graceful look, at the same time being low on maintenance. Decorating your new abode or fixing up your old ceiling, whatever is your reason; decorative ceiling medallions can make all the difference and are just the right thing for you. Choose the one that best suits your liking and penchant, and suffuse your space with style and elegance. Creating an inviting atmosphere is now trouble-free with decorative ceiling medallions!


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