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Inspiration for Your Next Room Update


Ready to get started on a DIY project, a room renovation, or complete home remodel? You've come to the right place for inspiration to update your space! Whether you're sifting through bedroom ideas or living room ideas to figure out your personal style, or hoping to venture out of your comfort zone by trying something new, browse through these room looks to narrow down the ideas and find a direction for your project.

Browse furniture and décor ideas for your home

While perusing our online showroom, pay close attention to color schemes, room layout, furniture configuration and lighting. Save the ideas that catch your eye and then find the commonalities between the ideas you liked. Are you drawn toward deep, contrasting colors? Do you find yourself leaning toward polished or matte finishes? Does the furniture in the photos you like look plush and comfy or minimal and modern? Asking yourself these types of questions can help point you in a design direction or zero in on your home style.

How to start remodeling

If you find a room look you have to have, you can shop the exact items shown or similar items to put the look together with the click of a button. If you're doing a complete remodel, start by browsing through living room ideas to get an idea of what the most trafficked room can bring to the overlook and feel of your home. Whether your style is industrial glam or you prefer neutral living rooms, start there to create the concept for the remainder of the home with a cohesive style and scheme.

If you want more inspiration for your home, take a look at these top interior design trends.

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