10 Things to Know About Scandinavian Design

10 Things To Know About Scandinavian Design

Step into a Scandinavian interior and you’ll feel instantly at ease staring at a warm, uncluttered space. This refreshing style is somehow both striking and calm, helping you feel relaxed, energized and upbeat all at the same time. How can one look bring so much positivity into your home? Learn more about Scandinavian design with our helpful guide below.

1: It’s modern, yet still comfortable

Clean lines and simple forms provide a modern feel, but warm tones and cozy materials ensure your home is also comfortable. The WS Bath Collections Limbus 1 Birch/Oak Wood Washbin is a perfect example of welcoming modern design.

2: Natural materials are used to add warmth and texture

Wood furniture is essential in any Scandinavian interior. Materials like burlap and stone can also be used to decorate your space.

3: Green plants make great decor

Along with natural furniture, you can freshen up your home with an array of green plants. Plants breathe new life into indoor spaces, and the color green is calming to many.

4: Walls and floors are typically light in color

Light brown wood floors and white walls work well in Scandinavian spaces. You can then add pops of color with carefully chosen decor.

5: The Scandinavian style is practical

The furniture you select and the way you arrange it in your space should meet both functional and stylish needs. Scandinavian craftsmen make practical designs a priority.

6: Living rooms often feature large wall art or gallery walls

Wall art lets you add eye-catching style and color to a room without crowding the space.

7: Rooms look spacious and open

Choose accessories carefully, as less is more in the Scandinavian style.

8: Quality is preferred over cheap, temporary designs

Superior craftsmanship is a staple in Scandinavian homes. Look for long-lasting pieces, rather than cheap alternatives you’ll soon have to replace.

9: Scandinavians seek out eco-friendly furniture

Sustainable materials like mango wood and bamboo are good for both your home and the environment.

10: Scandinavian spaces are well lit

Open your curtains to allow for a lot of natural lighting, and take advantage of layered lighting techniques to design a well-lit space on a cloudy day.

Design a home that is stylish, energizing and functional by following the Scandinavian approach to interior design. These 10 guidelines will help you get started on your space.

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