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Chandeliers add sparkle and glam to any indoor space. The same can be said for small or mini chandeliers that offer the same amount of chic—in a smaller package. Mini chandeliers fit perfectly in a bathroom, bedroom, hallway, entryway, foyer – any intimate room in your home is the perfect space. Whether you're looking for a small bathroom chandelier or small bedroom chandelier, this luxe lighting style will add a sparkling touch to your interior.

Mini Chandeliers Offer Style and Function

Big on style, mini chandeliers are perfect for small spaces. Plus, small-scale chandeliers are shorter in height making them ideal for rooms with low ceilings. Here are a few ideas for styling these lighting gems throughout your home:

Breakfast Nook – No dining room? A mini chandelier looks great above a small dining table or bistro table.

Kitchen Island – A matching pair of small crystal chandeliers or chandelettes above a kitchen island add glam and essential light.

Home Office – A small chandelier above a home office desk looks refined and provides plenty of illumination for everyday tasks.

Hallway – Light up a hallway by hanging a mini chandelier near a wall mirror. The mirror will reflect the light making the hallway feel more spacious.

Master Bedroom – As your private hideaway, the master bedroom deserves a special touch. A small chandelier will add elegance and warmth to your dressing area, bed, and personal oasis.

Girls' Room – Mini chandeliers are available in fun, feminine designs which makes them an excellent choice for a girl's room. Consider styles with frills, flowers, baubles, and crystal accents for whimsical and fashionable lights she'll love.

Guest Bedroom – Upstyle your guest room by placing a mini chandelier above the bed. Small chandeliers are an inexpensive way to add flair to a guest room without breaking the budget. Your guests will be impressed!

Master Bathroom – Spacious master baths require plenty of overhead ambient lighting in addition to task lighting near a wall mirror. With so many available styles, it's easy to choose one that coordinates with your bath furniture, hardware, and decor.

Miniature Chandelier Considerations

Before you buy, here are a few important tips to keep in mind:

Do you currently have a builder-grade light fixture installed in the room? If so, you may need to purchase a ceiling medallion as well. Why? A ceiling medallion will cover any bare, unpainted areas. No repainting will be required.

Take measurements of your room before you buy. Also, consider table-to-ceiling height. A too-wide mini chandelier can overwhelm a space while a too-tall chandelier above a dining table may create a glare on the surface or obstruct the view of guests.

Consider a dimmable option. Do you prefer bright light in the a.m. for grooming and low, warm lighting for evening bathing? Consider a small chandelier with a dimmable feature to set the desired mood any time of day.

If you plan to install a mini chandelier above or near a bathtub, be sure to follow all electrical codes.

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