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Your empty room is a fresh canvas! What can you do with all of this untapped potential? At first it can be a bit daunting, but with the right home accents, you can begin to define focal points in your masterpiece one piece at a time. A room adorned with luxury home decor will not only reflect your unique style and taste, it will elevate the aesthetics of your home to create a genuine extension of your personality. But choosing the best home decor is more than a matter of taste. You have to consider scale, color themes, the balance of items in your space, and style points for a well rounded decor theme. Leading with quality in mind, here are just some of the finer points to consider when shopping for luxury home decor.

Luxury Home Decor

  • Texture is in! From hammered metals and distressed materials to faux concrete and hand applied finishes, rich textures add depth across many top home decor accessories.
  • Organics have also become a mainstay in the world of decor in recent years. This includes natural wood branches, hammered or caste organic forms in metal structures, textiles, natural motifs and more.
  • Books have also become a staple in interior design, often punctuated by decor. Note how designer home decor scenes almost always have books present - on a nightstand, propping decor items, acting as a coaster for plants, etc. Not unlike the beautiful books that fill your collection, the options are boundless!

Ornamental Home Accents

  • Gold and other metallics continue to get the royal treatment in the world of luxury decor. A blossoming trend for many years now, gold has spread its influence across the market, especially when paired with matte black finishes for dramatic contrast.
  • Strategic use of artistic glass pieces in well lit areas can create light play for a dreamy and inspired area during the "golden hours" of the day.
  • Bold and inventive statuaries will add liveliness and strike up conversations, especially when the symbolism ties back to a personal anecdote.

Fancy Yet Functional Decor

  • Tying to the organic trend, elements of water and fire are welcome statements in home decor. Think candles, lanterns, and fountains for starters.
  • Engage more than one sense at a time with decor as often as possible. For instance, scent the air with candles while tapping into the artistry of an inspired candle sconce.
  • Utilize diversity of form with sets of three or five, matching home decor accessories of different sizes to create depth and diversity of form.

Oversized Home Decor

  • When going big, keep in mind the interaction with other room elements. Bohemian styles, for instance, allow for the use of several large items in a single space. Do remember, that look isn't for everyone. If any semblance of clutter is like nails on a chalkboard for you, less is more with large home decor items.
  • Large wall decor should contrast with the paint color of your walls. Darker tones compliment lighter finishes or metallic decor, for example.
  • Note that most large home decor is generally placed against a wall, in a corner, or hung to separate it from trafficked areas.

Elegant Wall Decor

  • Look at your wall space as sections or a whole. If you have an entire wall to work with, tapestries are a bold option. If you have a half wall above a couch, table or other furniture, consider piecing smaller wall decor in strategic groups to fill the space.
  • Think carefully about spacing. Depending on the size of each piece of wall decor, you'll want to create adequate to ample spacing between room elements depending on your personal preferences. A good idea for wall art is to use cardboard and tape for placement before permanently hanging your items. This will allow flexibility in slightly shifting your wall are up or down or to the side.
  • For smaller rooms, try to stick with two dimensional wall art. If you have room to spare, three dimensional wall decor pieces can create depth and texture, but will just slightly into the room.