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Dining Table Ideas & Advice

Thinking of a pedestal dining table for your entertainment space? Some obvious perks are your chairs will slide under easily; plus the variety of styles can give your space a casual or a formal feel. A round dining table, on the other hand, makes conversation easy between all guests and passing the salt a little more seamless. Not to mention the shape accommodates square dining rooms with ease. Then of course you have square and rectangular options to consider. In the end, options abound! No matter your particular needs, we have a few suggestions for everything between. So if you're just getting started, here is a great place to start considering your options below!

Round Dining Tables & More

Searching through dinner tables can be daunting, so start with the basics of your style and the available space. There are two basic considerations to start with. What materials match the overall theme of your home? And how many guests do you hope to accommodate? A basic wood dining table fits into most homes, depending on whether you want a light or dark stain on the wood. A white dining table in a distressed style looks great in a “shabby chic” home, while a black dining table looks modern and formal.

A round wood dining can be more casual and usually only seats four guests, so choose a style with an extendable leaf if you need more space. Of course, any table can be covered with a table cloth to dress up or down for special occasions. If you are big into entertaining guests, give an eight seater like the round oak option pictured below a consideration!

Pedestal Dining Table Features

One of the benefits of a pedestal dining table is how the chairs slide easily underneath, providing plenty of legroom for guests. A small pedestal dining table would be perfect in a kitchen corner for breakfast or quick meals, and a round pedestal dining table fits well for entertaining without having to choose who sits at the head of the table. Pedestal dining tables come in many different styles, from a country feel with traditional curved legs, to a modern style made of white fiberglass. These tend to take up less space, and would work for a combined living/dining space or a smaller dining room.

Popular Dining Table Measurements

When you’re searching through our options, you’ll see several common sizes of tables. The 36 inch round table usually only seats two guests and would be a good choice for a kitchen corner. The 42 inch round table comes with four chairs, but does not leave a lot of room for serving platters, placemats, and beverages, making it a good choice for smaller apartments that still want the ability to host a few friends. A 48 inch round dining table ensures four people are comfortable during the meal, and a 60 inch dining table provides plenty of room for serving dishes as well as place settings. For large groups of eight, you'll want to take a trip back up to the top of this post for the 72 inch round oak option pictured there.

Beyond Round Dining Tables

Obviously round isn’t the only shape available – it just happens to be very popular! Square dining tables come in similar dimensions, but the largest usually only fits up to eight guests. Shapes tie deeply into the number of guests they can accommodate, with rectangle being the most accommodating of all. Rectangle dining tables are a traditional favorite because they provide space for platters, but can fit more people in a smaller room. They also work well with long, rectangular dining rooms, popular in modern home design. For a farmhouse design, you can choose a rustic wood trestle table with a bench. If you enjoy hosting large dinner parties, a rectangle dining room table with extensions can fit plenty of friends and family members. Start narrowing the options by your dining room dimensions, and then by your personal home style. Just make sure you have enough seats!

Memories around the dining room table last a lifetime – from dinner with your children to hosting family holidays. Don’t let your dining room table go unused. Envision how you will use it in the future, and commit to spending time there. We hope you found the perfect table to start creating your memories and our inspiration and ideas provided here helped you on your journey.

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