Give Your Mailbox a Festive Look

Give your Mailbox a Festive Look!

The holidays are nicknamed “the most wonderful time of the year” for a reason! With the music, the celebrations and of course the food, the holidays just have a way of making a person more cheerful. And if you’re like us here at Bellacor, you love decorating to celebrate this fun-filled holiday!

While you might have already covered every inch of your house with holiday décor, you may have overlooked the poor, plain-looking mailbox. Whether you have a mailbox attached to a post, or a smaller mailbox just attached the side of your house, there are plenty of ways to make it look festive. Just try some of these ideas!

Spray with fake snow

Instant Snow for Holiday Mailbox Decor

Now your mailbox can always have that pretty look that comes after a fresh snowfall. All you have to do is spray the top of your mailbox with a can of fake snow! For that final touch, add a big, red ribbon either on the side of the mailbox, or right on top. This is an easy décor idea to quickly turn your boring mailbox into a holiday display.

Fake Snow For Mailbox Decor
Photo Credit: So Happy To Be Here blog

Accessorize with a garland

Nothing says Christmas quite like festive greenery. Share the holiday spirit by draping a fir garland on top of your mailbox or wrap some around the post. You can even add some fake red berries, or once again use red ribbon to complete the look.

If you are setting greenery on top of your mailbox, make sure it doesn’t cover the front so it’s not difficult for the mailman to open the door.

Floral Garland Decor for Mailboxes

Decorate with red or green paint

If you have a smaller mailbox that is attached to the house, adding garland or large ribbons can be tricky. Instead, try painting the mailbox with outdoor-weather paint and stick on a small Christmas bow. If you really want to get creative, you can even stencil a cute holiday design like a snowman or Santa Claus. You can even purchase a colored mailbox if you want to change it out for the holidays.

Thematic Mailbox Coloring for Christmas Decor

Make every part of your home festive this year and turn your mailbox into a holiday display!

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