Inspiration Return of Fall TV

Everything You Need For The Return Of Fall TV

Fall is in the air, and right along with it comes pumpkin spice lattes, autumn wreaths, and all-new episodes of your favorite TV shows. We’re helping you get ready for the return of fall TV with a checklist of everything you need for the coziest watch parties possible.

1. Have Comfortable Seating

Let’s face it: We all want to have the best seat in the house when watching our favorite shows. Give yourself just that with a large sectional or cushy recliner that you can sink into with ease.

2. Add An Accent Table

Having a snack during your favorite show is a given, so make sure you have a resting spot for your cups and dishes. A side table or folding tray are both great options for keeping your treats close at hand. Plus, they make it easier to grab that box of Kleenex 10 minutes into This is Us.

3. Warm Up With Throw Blankets

Nothing beats the creature comforts of wrapping yourself in an oversized throw and curling up on the couch. Keep a stash of blankets in the living room to keep you and your guests comfy while binge-watching all your faves.

4. Step Onto a Cozy Rug

TV night is all about relaxation, and that means getting yourself as comfy as possible head to toe. Kick off your shoes and treat your feet to the super-soft feel of a plush area rug. These luxe accents help you say goodbye to cold hardwood floors and keep you feeling warm and toasty.

5. Roll Up With Drinks & Snacks

That epic charcuterie board you prepared for the season premiere should be front and center, not left behind in the kitchen. Make it easy to load up your plate or grab a refill with a bar cart that rolls right into the TV room.

6. Let the Countdown Begin

Sure, you can check the time via your smartphone, Google Home Hub, microwave, or Chromecast display. But we think there’s just something special about seeing that minute hand inch closer and closer to showtime.