5 Decorating Tips for the Beach Bum

5 Decorating Tips For the Beach Bum

Most people enjoy a trip to the beach now and then, but for you, the beach is home. The salty breeze, cool blue water and soft hot sand make the beach your favorite place to spend time in the summer. So why not add elements of the beach to your home’s interior design? These tips will help you integrate the nautical style into your space.

Decorate with driftwood

Decorate Side Tables with Driftwood Sailboats

Driftwood is literally wood that has floated in the water and then washes up on shore. There are many different decorative items that use driftwood to create that nautical look you love. A mirror framed with driftwood or a table made from washed-up wood both make great ideas.

Get crafty with rope

Nautical Wrapped Rope Table Lamp

You can’t create a nautical room without rope! Look for furniture and accessories that incorporate rope into the design, or try the DIY technique of gluing rope around a lamp base.

Accessorize with sand and shells

Kid with Red Hat on Beach with Camera

You might not be able to enjoy the feeling of sand between your toes while at home, but you can still use sand as decor. Fill up a decorative glass jar with sand and add a few pretty shells on top.

Create a “beachy” color scheme

Bedroom Decor with Beachy Color Scheme

Blue and white are traditionally used in nautical-style interiors. Look for accessories, such as throw pillows, that feature thick blue and white stripes to perfect the look.

Let the light shine

Natural Lighting for Nautical Living Room

The beach is best on a sunny day. Let as much natural light into your home as possible and use light fixtures to create a well-lit space on cloudy days or at night. To continue the natural decor theme, consider light fixtures made with wood.

With a nautical-themed home, you can enjoy the beach life every day of the week. Use these tips to make the look work for you and your space.

Your Turn

Do you have any additional tips and tricks to transform your home into the perfect beach bum hideaway? Share your comments below, we’d love to hear them!

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