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Three Interior Design Apps You Need ASAP

Can you believe it's almost holiday season? The calendar stretch from Halloween to New Years Day means that family and friends will be stopping by for a visit or staying overnight. Now is the perfect time to update your home to welcome holiday guests. But you don't have to be left to your own devices to make some changes around the house. Instead pull out your favorite device and download an interior design app to guide you through the process!

Here's a roundup of today's best interior design apps:

Color 911®

Use the Color 911 app to create and save color palettes for your pre-holiday home interior projects. Created by the award-winning color consultant, Amy Wax, this handy app provides 100+ premade color themes. Create a custom palette based on a digital photo. If you're looking for instant color inspiration, Color911 is for you.

About Color911

Find color inspiration over 100 stunning color themes. Each theme consists of 36 expertly chosen shades, which blend perfectly and provide guidance for the most demanding décor projects. Organize favorite palettes into folders and share them with friends and clients. Elle Décor called Color911, “The App That Will Change the Way You Decorate!” Color911 is a "must-have" tool for anyone who works with color, from professional interior designers to decorators, to home DIYers anywhere. Th app is available for iOS applications and can be downloaded for $3.99.


With Color911, you can edit the colors on chosen palettes to adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness. You can also:

    Reorder your color selection
    Select colors from a photo
    Change color themes
    Lock in a color
    Duplicate a palette and change the name
    Take notes and attach them to any palette or folder
    Create a custom color palette and share it with anyone – friends, clients, colleagues, etc.

Measured App for Interior Design

Have you ever purchased an amazing piece to find that it's too small or large for the available space – or worse, that it won't fit through the door? The Measured app by Lowe's is the solution to a correct fit the first time. Use the Measured app to calculate the length of the fireplace mantel or the floor space needed for the Christmas tree.


This essential app measures objects or distances using augmented reality. The Measured app takes accurate measurements of interior spaces, furniture, décor, and more--all with a phone camera. Save the measurements and refer to them as you shop. Measured is one of the first apps to use augmented reality to calculate, layer, filter, and even share measurements on social media.

About Measured Offered by Lowe's, the Measured app turns any ARKit-enabled iPhone or iPad into a powerful, virtual measuring device. It allows users to measure anything quickly and easily, and save it for later. Just get close to the object and then place the first point and second point to begin and finish your measurement. Measured turns your phone into a digital tape measure!

Recent Updates Usability updates: Ability to delete images. Swipe down to the close Large view, swipe left or right to browse images in Large view.

General updates: Interface update – you can now set points by tapping the screen or the "+" button. Ability to show or hide visual guides. Transform your smartphone into a powerful measuring tool and design assistant with Measurement.

Price & Compatibility
MSRP: Free, Available for iOS

Paper by WeTransfer

Whether you're a DIYer or professional designer, Paper by Fifty Three will allow you to corral design notes, sketches, and mood boards to keep them orderly and organized. This powerful app is a favorite of notable architects such as Daniel Libeskind, the architect responsible for designing the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

Paper is a design productivity app that empowers users to sketch diagrams, make handwritten notes, and combine them with digital photos and text. Sketch a loose circle and the app's Intention Engine™ recognizes the shape and corrects it in real-time, creating a perfect circle. Add color to shapes with Smart Fill and Freeform Fill. Easily cut and duplicate shapes.

Simply swipe your finger to create a shopping list. Tap and hold to reorganize lists.

Use Paper to draw ideas and help visualize home improvement projects more clearly. Quickly create checklists, diagrams, charts and wireframes, and simple graphics – change and rearrange them to convey your design inspiration. Paper exports to PowerPoint and Keynote, and saves to Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, and more. A stylus with eraser function is also available.

Recent Updates Paper 4.0 has been rebuilt and reworked to capture an all-new look and feel. You can now arrange sketches and notes into a personal set of notebooks with 3D journal view. The recent updates allow collaboration with group sketches and notes. You can also add comments and feedback to photos.

Pricing and Compatibility

MSRP: Free, Available for iOS and optimized for iPhone X, all iPad Pro, and Apple Pencil.

These essential design apps will help you bring warmth, comfort, and style to loved ones this holiday season. Adding any of them to your arsenal of home remodeling tools will make the DIY process easier!

Paper App by FiftyThree for Interior Design