Make Your Dining Room Look Complete With a Rug

Make Your Dining Room Look Complete With a Rug

You’ve picked out the necessary chairs and table for your dining room and even included an elegant sideboard to store dishware. But what about a great-looking rug for underneath the table? Rugs are an easy way to prevent scratches on your hardwood floors; they can also complete the dining room look by adding comfort and style and provide a nice frame for your table.

Table size

Picking out a rug for the dining room requires a little thought. The design you choose mostly depends on your own taste and the look of the room. Size, however, should be determined based on the table’s measurements. A dining room rug needs to be big enough so that people can scoot their chairs back, without the legs leaving the rug. Standard dining room rugs are usually around 8’ x 10’, but not all of them. Be sure to measure first so you can be certain.


To begin measuring, arrange your dining room furniture in the exact layout that you want. Then, measure the table top and add 24-30 inches to every side to account for chair space. You definitely don’t want the rug to be too small that the chairs end up scratching your beautiful hardwood floor and ruining the ends of the rug.

While you want the rug to be a large enough to act as a cushion underneath the table, you also don’t want it to be too big that it almost touches the walls. Create some distance (at least 8” on each side) between the rug and the walls, plus any other furniture you have in the dining room.

As a general rule of thumb under a dining room table, the rug should be at least 4′ wider and 4′ longer than your dining room table. The goal is to be able to push the chair away from the table while keeping the back legs on the rug.

Here is an example of a rug that is a little small for the table:

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