Mirrors Make Rooms Appear Larger And Brighter

Mirrors make rooms appear larger and brighter

Does your living room or bedroom seem to keep getting smaller? Well, it might have something to do with the interior design. Dark paints, over-sized furniture and cluttered décor can have a huge impact on how large a room feels. Of course, sometimes your room is just small. Now don’t start panicking just yet! Whether you have a small room, or it just has begun to feel small, you can use a simple interior design trick to open up a space and make it seem larger. Just hang up some mirrors.

You already have a mirror in your bathroom and possibly your bedroom, but what about the rest of your home? Mirrors can do more than help you get ready in the morning—they also give the illusion of depth and add light. Lighter rooms create a sense of openness, which is why it is recommended to paint bright colors in smaller rooms. Even if you use darker paints, mirrors can reflect both natural and artificial light, making your room seem brighter and more open.

Find mirrors in different shapes and sizes and group them together. Not only will the space seem larger, but the mirrors offer a fun design element to any room. If you want to give your room some height, find a floor length mirror that complements the interior design.

Mirrors can be strategically placed to do more. Position a mirror so that it reflects the view and light coming in from a window. A reflection of the outdoors is a sure way to make a room seem larger. Mirrors installed across from each other also have a dramatic impact to the size of the room.

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Wendy Weinert

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