Add Interest to Your Home with Unique Furniture

Add interest to your home with unique furniture

Do you feel like your interior design is lacking a bit of personality? Well then it is time to spice things up and give your home some life! Accent furniture can be a great way to add flair and personality. Plus, it doesn’t require you to completely redo your interior design and replace all of your existing furniture. All you have to do is find unique and interesting pieces to give a space that one-of-a-kind look.


No matter where you place it, whether it is in the living room, entry way, front porch or bedroom, a bench can add a lot of appeal just on its own. Benches are a fun alternative to another chair or couch, and they can be used for more than just sitting. Find a bench with a fun upholstered print, add some throw pillows, and use it as a decorative piece. Or, use a plain wooden bench to display items such as plants or photos. When furniture isn’t that interesting on its own, you can get creative and use an ordinary piece for an unusual purpose.

Update Entryway with Stylish Benches

One of the best places to put a bench is in the hallway or entryway. There isn’t a lot of furniture that works in these spaces, which makes them difficult to decorate. But a bench can be placed right against the wall and turns a simple and ordinary hallway into a room of its own.

Accent tables

Unlike many of the stylish benches now available, accent tables are often found in many people’s contemporary homes. So the key to finding a table that stands out is to look for an unusual design. It’s usually easy to spot an interesting table, because your eyes are immediately drawn to them. Trust your instincts!

Accent Table with Horse Statue on Top

If you’re looking for ideas or inspiration, the Butler Specialty Company Heritage Abalone and Black Accent Table does a great job of capturing attention. When guests walk in and see your home’s new, interesting look, they might think you hired an interior designer!

Add Unique Butler Accent Tables for Interesting Look

Already feel inspired? Start adding unique pieces of furniture to your own home. You’ll love how even tiny additions can make a huge difference!

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