Five Steps for Furnishing Your Bathroom

Five Steps for Furnishing Your Bathroom

Designing a bathroom from scratch should be a fun process, but it often becomes overwhelming and stressful. Every fixture, furniture and accessory you choose for your bathroom is like a piece in a puzzle, and when you’re all done, the pieces should fit together.

Trilliane by Schonbek Swarovski Lighting

Make the challenge a little easier by breaking it down into the following five steps:

1. Determine the overall look
you want for your bathroom. Do you want something contemporary, vintage, elegant or modern? The style you aim to achieve becomes the foundation for every purchase decision you make because different styles require certain designs, materials, textures and colors.

2. Purchase the shower, vanity, toilet, tile, mirrors and any other furnishings
that you want for your bathroom based on style and size. Looks are important, but so is size, and it is important that every item is scaled appropriately to the size of the bathroom along with other furniture.

3. Create a lighting plan
. Unless you don’t intend to get ready in the bathroom, you should always have a well-lit mirror. Whether you choose to get a lighted mirror or add some task lighting on the sides is up to you. Since the bathroom is also a place for relaxation, you should also incorporate some ambient lighting. An easy way to do this is do install a dimmer. Otherwise, hang a decorative overhead light to add some flair.

4. Select your linens
. The shower curtain, rugs and even towels are all important elements in your bathroom’s design and are a great way to add color, designs and patterns.

White Curtain for Bathroom Shower
Personal Touch with Decorative Jars

5. Add your personal touch. To make the bathroom truly yours, add some décor that might not be necessary, but make the bathroom complete. This could be your favorite scented candle, a fun or stylish clock or maybe a decorative jar to hold your cotton balls and Q-tips.