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Brand Story

Arteriors views "Entrepreneurial Spirit" as its No. 1 value, and that spirit is on display across the brand, from the pieces you bring into your homes, to the experience you have while shopping. It also describes how things get done inside the company. That's why they introduce 500 new items and fresh designs every year.

That kind of output would be tough to pull off if people weren't enjoying themselves at the same time. With a fast-paced, collaborative, high energy, constantly changing environment, the people at Arteriors keep themselves entertained in a variety of ways.

"We have an annual bowling tournament, an annual "Arteriors Olympics" with dunking booths, and have had our executives perform a rock concert for employees," said Mark Moussa, Arteriors Founder and Creative Director. "We like to have fun, and try not to take ourselves too seriously…we aren't doing heart surgery."

Still, Arteriors knows that a purchase for the home is an investment, and of course that's where the heart is. They don't take that responsibility lightly.

Arteriors embraces the artisan nature of its products, celebrating the artful differences that occur when an item is hand made. The glass is hand-blown and the ceramics are hand-formed and hand-finished. Many finishes are hand-applied, creating little variances that make each piece special in its own way.

There's no substitute for the human touch. The same can be said for a fresh set of eyes to infuse a brand with new ideas and to help build on successes from the past. Arteriors welcome guest designers, Barry Dixon and Windsor Smith to add a new point of view to their catalog of offerings. While they're true to the overall Arteriors aesthetic, the designs offer a new approach to the possibilities of that aesthetic.

This kind of new approach brought Arteriors to the launch of a customizable upholstered seating collection in 2015. The carefully selected and unique designs reflect the Arteriors brand but the category the company needed to round out the assortment and make stores and showrooms look even better. Arteriors spent several years researching the upholstered seating category before launching the collection.

It's all part of that entrepreneurial spirit, one that never rests on success, when there's so much more work to be done, so much more fun to be had.

"I consider Arteriors a fashion brand and like a fashion brand, each Spring and Fall we show over 250 new designs to our buyers at the High Point Market," Moussa said. "That is our runway. We love product, love the design process, and we are not afraid to take risks."

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