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Choosing the right bathroom furniture for your style
When it comes to choosing a particular style of furniture for bathrooms, there are a few things to keep in mind. Transitional furniture is the most versatile, as it can fit in many different style types. These pieces come in a range of materials and colors, and have classic lines or geometric shapes. When it comes to looking for a more contemporary look, you will find pieces that use a lot more glass and metal, with sleeker lines and minimal ornamentation. If you are more inclined towards a traditional style for your bathroom furniture, the pieces will often be stained wood with more ornate details such as claw-feet, s-shapes or scrollwork and intricate details.

Types of bathroom furniture to fit your needs
When searching for bathroom furniture, you will find that there are many pieces out there to fit your needs. One of the best ways to incorporate a beautiful and showstopping element in a bathroom is installing a furniture-inspired vanity. In a variety of styles, sizes and colors, the vanity is your bathroom hub. Of course, any kind of cabinet, linen tower, racks or shelving unit can also be considered bathroom furniture. Likewise, for those looking for space saving vertical storage, you can use over-the-toilet storage, racks, and shelving. For bathrooms with larger footprints you can incorporate seating or laundry hampers as well. Overall there is a diverse way to incorporate storage and style into any size bathroom with furniture made for the space.

Q: What exactly is bathroom furniture?

A: Bathroom furniture is constructed to be a little more durable than other furniture and incorporates a good amount of storage. It can withstand condensation and water droplets because it is located in the bathroom, and is often built on a slightly smaller scale in order to fit in smaller spaces. It serves the dual purpose of adding storage and style.
Q: Will bathroom furniture differ between powder rooms and bathrooms?

A: In general, bathroom furniture is designed to fit any need, and can translate to working in either a powder room or a bathroom. However, because a powder room serves a slightly different function, you could see it as an opportunity to add style with unique or playful pieces.
Q: What is the best bathroom furniture for small or cramped bathrooms?

A: If you are looking to optimize space in a small bathroom, you can find great storage solutions in bathroom furniture. This might mean going vertical with wall cabinets, shelving, or over the toilet pieces. There are many bathroom furniture pieces that have a small footprint because furniture designers know that space is at a premium in a bathroom.
Q: What is the best material for bathroom furniture?

A: You want to find pieces that are damp- or wet-rated, and can stand up to the conditions of moisture found in a bathroom. From there it is all about the style you are looking for and what you need your furniture to do. There are wood pieces designed for bathrooms, pieces that incorporate natural stone, and even glass (i.e. glass shelving) that are great material choices.
Q: Do I need to seal or protect bathroom furniture?

A: All furniture designed for bathrooms come pre-sealed and ready for installation. You do not need to take any extra measures to ensure the surface of your bathroom furniture is up to the job. Incorporating furniture that is specifically made for bathrooms is a smart investment in the long run, as it will stand up to those harsher conditions.


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