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Buffet Lamp Tips

Where buffet lamps look best in your home

Buffet table lamps are a perfect addition to your home to add a little style, sparkle, and ambiance. A popular choice for classically styled homes and traditional decor, buffet lamps will often have Italian, French, or English inspired details with antiqued finishes and refined lamp shade details. If your home is more contemporary or modern, look for unexpected profile and pared down finishes in a buffet lamp set. For transitionally or eclectic styled homes, look for geometric patterns and profiles as well as more refined ornamentation in the design of the lamps and the buffet lamps shades.

Candlestick Buffet Lamps

Ideas for choosing the best buffet lamps for your unique style

A candlestick buffet lamp set will look appealing on a sofa table in your living room, on a sideboard in your formal dining room, or featured on a long and low dresser in your bedroom. A sofa table is a great way to anchor furniture in the middle of the room and bring a hard surface into play; adding a set of table lamps will also be the perfect touch to finish the look. For a formal dining room, a buffet is a classical detail that appeals to a wide variety of decor styles. If you have a pendant or chandelier in the center of your room, incorporating tall buffet lamps is a great way to add illumination and another layer of lighting.

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What to look for in the best buffet lamps

The best buffet lamps will celebrate both the soft and hard aspects of lighting, particularly by incorporating great metal finishes in the lamp and beautiful textiles in the shade designs. Popular metal finishes include hand-rubbed or antiqued brass, distressed gold, brushed nickel, and silver. For smaller spaces, look for a proportionally sized set of small buffet lamps. Alternatively, if your space is large, look for tall candlestick lamps that can complement the overall room. Consider sets that have a similar aesthetic or finish to other lighting fixtures in the room to add continuity to your style.

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