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Chandelier shades add an elegant touch to your lighting fixture and are the quickest and the most inexpensive ways to add a dramatic and fresh new element to your room’s decor. They diffuse light creating warm illumination around your room that greatly reduces glare from bare bulbs, while simultaneously adding a touch of class. We carry great deals on chandelier light covers to help you alter the mood of your room in seconds with just a switch of shades on your lighting. Impress yourself and your friends by choosing the perfect clip on lamp shades for your room, which will turn out to be an expression of your personal taste. Your style evolves with Bellacor chandelier shades!

Chandelier Shades

Choosing the right chandelier shade to upgrade your favorite ceiling lighting adds splendor and flair to any room. Selecting from our vast selection of chandelier light covers can get overwhelming, simply because you can be spoilt for choice. Let's consider some options. Glass chandelier shades in opaque or transparent finishes reflect light to add glamour to your room. Mini chandeliers are widespread these days due to their flexibility of use in smaller areas of your home, specifically unconventional places for a chandelier. To meet those needs, our mini chandelier shades come with attached clips that will easily fix themselves to the candelabra bulb of the chandeliers. Lamp shades come in various shapes and designs and looking for the right shade to match your chandelier helps you achieve harmony in style as well as function.

Double scallop shades are better known for their traditional look and include the characteristic contours. These shades are often balanced by tassel or beaded trims. Ruffled shades bring out artistic opulence and instantly transform the overall look of your lighting fixture. Floral shades, on the other hand, quickly give your room a clean and floral facelift and can instantly perk up a boring area. Drum shaped shades typically have vertical sides and were very popular in the 60s. Perfect to make a bold statement in a room with retro setup, these shades will also look elegant in a modern or a contemporary setting.

Clip On Lamp Shades

Create a new look for your chandelier and room in just moments with clip on lamp shades. We carry an impressive collection of clip on lamp shades that can change your look faster than you thought possible. A chandelier shade clip is designed to attach to regular or candelabra styled bulbs and ensure a fit that is firm and wont slip. From rustic to modern, we carry a shade selection necessary to make your lamp unique.

Apart from a wide variety of shapes, we include selections that come in a host of different materials. Provide a soft and romantic look to any room with floral clip on lamp shades that carry the timeless eye-catching floral motif. A silk clip on will easily upgrade your otherwise ordinary chandelier to a lighting fixture that exudes an aura of flair and sophistication. Dress up your chandelier with embroidered clip on shades that add a touch of elegance to your space. Bring in warmth and coziness to your interiors along with a little twist when you pick from our collection of twist clip on chandelier shades.

Chandelier Light Covers

When it comes to choosing mini chandelier shades for any particular room in your home, you will find unique considerations for every space. The foremost thing is, of course, your personal taste! Decide the overall look that you intend to achieve with our lamp shades for chandeliers. Are the chandelier light covers for a specific setting - traditional, modern, contemporary or maybe fusion?

Once you are sure of the overall design aesthetics, you may want to get into the finer details of design. Lighting is not only functional but also serves as work of art. Create an awe-inspiring look with our lovely floral ring of roses or the rose garden design for your bedroom space. Lamp shades with corn silk design, as shown above, might be best suited for your kitchen or the kitchen island area to add some style to the room’s design and also to make food prep easy. Modern closet and hallway spaces will love our animal printed chandelier lamp shades. With just the perfect design in place, you can transform your room from casual to chic in matter of minutes. With the addition of other ambient and task lighting along with your chandelier lights, you can provide warm and customizable layered lighting to your space.

From scalloped bell finish to paisley patterns and a variety of colors, we have chandelier shades for every home. While it is important to keep your home well lit, brighter isn’t necessarily a better choice. Lighting with soft light is very important as it gives you glare-free and purposeful lighting throughout your home. Chandelier light covers bring in warmth and soft light in your room and make it easy for the eye. Keeping all these basics in mind, you are now well-equipped to choose a lamp shade that is more welcoming and flattering. Proper lighting does more than provide illumination; if selected right, it can create dramatic fixtures with a dynamic effect on your home.

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