Holiday Home Updates

Tips to Update Your Home for Holiday Guests

Holiday Made Special

Easy Steps to Update Your Home for Guests

Prep the Guest Room

If you’re hosting overnight guests, you’ll need to primp up the spare bedroom. Instead of purchasing a whole new set of sheets, pillows, and comforters, top of a freshly made bed with a cotton quilt to give a room a stylish new focal point and an added layer of cozy.

Swap Out Your Throw Pillows

Consider sprucing up the sofa so guests have a comfortable place to gather before dinner is served. A few new throw pillows will do the trick! Choose colors and prints that will remain relevant for the next few months. Metallic palettes can give off just a hint of wintry style, while still coordinating with your existing decor.

Chic Spotlights

A sleek table lamp can make any surface feel shiny and new. Lend ambiance with a neutral-hued porcelain style, or make a statement with a colorful, textural finish. Purchase matching pairs in multiples for a more cohesive look.

Hang New Wall Art

A lot of us avoid hanging new artwork because installing hardware can be a pain. But don’t worry—you can skip this step by taking down some of your older frames and using the same hooks to pop in a replacement that speaks to a more festive style. We love a small gallery cluster!

Stylish Drink Servers

Holiday drinks are a must during a seasonal get-together but building a home bar isn’t always feasible (and not to mention—expensive!) Dish out drinks on a sleek-and-chic serving tray instead. If you have a set of two, you can use one as a drink tray, and the other as a cheese or crudités platter.

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