Holiday Throw Pillows

5 Ways To Style Holiday Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to incorporate your holiday style into your home. It is an opportunity to play with a new style or color palette for the season without committing to decorating your whole space. Alternatively, it is a great way to bring your holiday decor into the softer side of your home. For the holidays, it is all about playing with size and proportion, texture, color, patterns, and making a statement. Here are five ways to style with holiday throw pillows.

1. Size, Proportion, and Quantity

When it comes to placing throw pillows, any time of the year, you want to think about the size of the pillows, the proportion they have to one another (as well as the piece of furniture they are placed on), along with the number of pillows that works for the space.

The key is to place just the right amount of pillows on a sofa, chair, decorative bench, or bed to make it inviting. Not enough pillows or pillows that are too small can make the furniture piece look empty. However, too many pillows and your guests might feel like there isn’t enough room to sit. A good rule of thumb is to place larger pillows in the back and graduate down in size and number of pillows to a front layer or two, leaving the fun or interesting pieces to the front of the stack.

Place pillows as you imagined they would look, then play around with adding or editing a few to see how it looks visually, see what feels the most inviting and you will soon find the right combination of pillows for your space.

Black Throw Pillow with Merry Christmas Printed
Maroon Throw Pillow with Textures

2. Pillow Textures

For holiday decor, playing with the textures of the pillow is a great way to style your space. This can mean both how the pillow feels because of its construction, but also the visual texture, how the eye sees it in comparison to the surrounding pillows. You might play with cozy knitted pillows, the fluffy textures of a faux fur pillow, the subtle textures of a felt pillow, or with the drama of a heavily beaded pillow. You can create cohesion with your look by laying these with a few solid colored pillows of a contrasting color, or keeping it monochromatic and having a lot of textures within a single color.

3. Throw Pillow Colors

The holidays and decorating for the holidays often lean on color to signal the feeling of Christmas, Hannukah, or Kwanza. This is often true for a lot of holidays, and you can play with this idea year-round. Color is an opportunity for you to play up the traditional colors or create a new spin for your home. For the winter holidays, you might want to play up the quintessential red and green, red and white, or silver and blue themes. If you want to look beyond those, and find something a little outside of the box, consider combining layers of metallics (think silver, gold, and copper together), jewel tones, or natural colors together.

4. Pillow Patterns

Looking deeper at the idea of a visual texture for your holiday throw pillows, the pattern of a fabric can really signal the style of your holiday decor. Examples of this include plaid for a country or rustic holiday; felt, jute, or leather for a more natural look; iridescent or metallics for a glamorous look; or snowflakes for a celebration of winter. It is all about repetition. For you, this might be a repetition of a pattern on a single pillow, or how you purposely create a pattern in the layering of a motif.

5. Make a Statement

The holiday pillows that really celebrate the season are the statement pieces. These are the ones that might have a unique shape or size; wording for the holidays that evoke a feeling; or a specific silhouette featured on it. It is often these statement pillows that we place front and center, because these are the pieces that really help us ring in the new year. These pillows are your opportunity to really have fun, choose one or two to place front and center to bring in a cozy and merry feel to your space.

Overall, using decorative pillows for your holiday style is a great way to have fun, it is an easy change, and a lot less work than hanging lights and garland. It is an opportunity to try out something new and play with colors, textures, and pillow sizes you may never have considered before. Holiday throw pillows are a great way to ease into your holiday style at the beginning of the season before you are in full transformation mode. Have fun playing up your holiday style this season.