Hosting For Easter

The colder weather is slowly on its way out, and soon spring will be in bloom, and along with that comes great reasons to celebrate this time of year with friends and family. If you are setting the table for an Easter meal with family, or you are simply ready to embrace the sun and greenery, we have you covered with how to host a spring gathering in your dining room.

Here are a few key tips to getting your dining room ready for Easter entertaining.

1. Upgrade Your Lighting

The days are stretching longer, and the sun feels brighter on your back now that spring is slowing moving in. The beauty of that is the ability for you to use natural light for a lot longer in the evenings. Chances are, you're hosting Easter brunch or perhaps a late lunch. However, if you are hosting one of those magical nights where the food is long gone but the deep conversation lasts late, you will want to plan for lighting that will fit the mood. While many people know that spring is a time for cleaning, it is also a time for updates. If you want to do a little extra for your dining space, updating your lighting is a great way to make your space feel brand new. The lighting over your dinner table is a great spot for a showy chandelier or an understated pendant. For added layers of light, consider sconces, as it will add to the room as an indirect lighting source.

Pro Tip: Consider using dimmers on your overhead lighting. You will use it at full power when you are setting the table, but it will feel more comfortable at a lower level when the guests arrive to create a relaxing atmosphere.

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Lighting Upgrades

2. Add New Furniture

For your Easter meal, the furniture will be the main focal point in the room (besides the food!). Because dining areas have one function, the table and chairs are what really draws the eye when you first walk into the room, and then the eye will rest on any side furniture (often it is those pieces that are against the wall, like your sideboard or china display case). If you are looking to update your furniture as a sign of spring, you could bring the garden party indoors. Think about lighter colored woods, natural materials, white or cream tones, and garden-inspired upholstery.

Pro Tip: Think about the visual weight all of the furniture in your dining room has. Does everything look similar? Maybe you have a lot larger pieces that match in tone and in size, or maybe you have more light-weight looking items, they might be more spindly, made of glass or wrought iron. To update your room, bring in some variety by adding pieces that complement but look less or more heavy to the eye.

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Add New Furniture

3. Decorate with New Home Decor

The decor for your spring or Easter dinner is where you get to have a lot of fun. You can set a beautiful tablescape for your celebration with friends and family to really embrace this time of year. While Easter is often all about bunnies, eggs, and chicks, you can embrace that in an elevated way with figurines tucked in around twigs, grass, and moss. Make it a hidden picture for your guests by tucking in little surprising scenes right on your table. Your tablescape can simply be a celebration of spring with greenery and flowers in vases or just a beautiful natural and neutral scene. No matter what your theme is, the key is varying the size, shape, heights, and materials to make a dynamic centerpiece. You can extend beyond the tabletop with throw pillows or rugs that match your theme, as it is the little details that really pull it all together.

Pro Tip: Many people focus on decorating their table for spring or Easter, but consider switching out artwork to bring your decoration beyond the table. Find artwork that is similar in size as your usual pieces, but is an easy switch to really change your space for one evening.

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Add New Home Decor

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