Mixed Metals for the Holidays

How To Decorate For The Holidays With Mixed Metals

From silver bells to golden rings, metallic finishes make the holiday season even brighter. We’re sharing how to upgrade your favorite metallic tones by playing matchmaker with unexpected styles.

1. Ornaments

Take a multi-dimensional approach to trimming the tree this year by mixing and matching your metals. Hanging ornaments in various shades of silver, gold, rose tones, and copper hues can make your tree look more spectacular in an instant.

Pro Tip: Try pairing shiny ornaments with matte ornaments for an eye-catching play on finishes.

2. Table Accents & Dinnerware

Preparing a holiday feast for your loved ones is a huge undertaking — but making the table look pretty beforehand doesn’t have to be. Mixed metals can spice up your entertaining by adding glitz and sheen to your tablescape. Pair copper-colored chargers with silver eating utensils, or offset your gold-trimmed dishes with pewter napkin rings.

Pro Tip: Looking for a quick and easy way to boost the look of your dinner table? Scatter some silver and gold ornaments along with your table runner.

3. Serveware

Looking for an easy way to wow your guests this year? Serve up mixed metals courtesy of metallic holiday serveware. Pair a radiant gold bar cart with contrasting bowls in silver finishes, or try different medleys of metallic cups and ladles.

4. Wreaths & Holders

You don’t have to limit your Christmas wreath to a single metallic hue. If your wreath has silver bells on it, don’t be afraid to use a brass wreath holder to add more visual interest.

5. Presents

A medley of metallic gift wrap, ribbons, and bows actually blends together surprisingly well under the tree. You can even use different metallic tones for each person as a way of foregoing name tags.

6. Gallery Walls

A holiday gallery wall is a perfect way to display your family photos, and it’s also a great opportunity to play matchmaker with different metallics. Mix and match silver and gold frames, or stagger contrasting metal wall accents and artwork.

7. Pillows & Throws

A silver throw pillow looks even more ornate when it’s positioned next to a rose-gold pillow or a gold-threaded blanket. This technique is all about layering your metals for a more luxe look and feel.

Pro Tip: When it comes to bedding and seating areas, don’t forget to pay attention to texture, as well. A beaded metallic pillow or chunky throw can make neutral styles really pop.

Pro Tips for Mixing Metals for the Holidays

1. Limit yourself to just two or three mixed metals at a time. Doing so can help prevent the styles from clashing.

2. Mix metallics within the same color family. For instance, try pairing soft shades of silver with rich gunmetal, pewter, or charcoal.

3. Consider mixing shiny and matte finishes. Again, it’s not always about mixing different metallic hues. Sometimes, mixing similar colors with different finishes can add the dimension you desire. Pair matte gold pillows with a shiny silver bedspread, or offset glittery ornaments with matte copper styles.

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