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Ideas for choosing the right patio umbrellas for your unique style
Enjoy bright and sunny days in style with our beautiful patio umbrellas. Choose from a variety of weave designed bases, sturdy metal poles and solid colored market umbrellas to add to the traditional experience of your home. Bold colors, vivid patterns and unique ideas combine an ideal blend of desirable features in our range of transitional style patio umbrellas. Modern shapes, bold colors, efficient vents and umbrellas with lighting (and other off the wall options) are just some of the features that bring patio umbrellas with a modern flair out into your backyard. With so many styles at your disposal, you can lounge under your perfect umbrella without a care in the world.

Where patio umbrellas work best in your home
Patio umbrellas are perfectly suited neighbors to outdoor patio furniture, poolside or on the deck. Choose a stylish and heavy base to add to the design while also maintaining stability. Our canopy tops are vented to ensure that you have a cool breeze throughout. Or if you have a huge backyard, consider the cantilever umbrella. With a heavy base and heavy duty fabric, this umbrella can handle the elements with ease. If your patio gets too much sun, try our tilting umbrellas. If the sun gets too much, simply change the angle of the umbrella and sit back.

What to look for in the best patio umbrellas
The perfect patio umbrellas will protect you from the sun while also making a strong style statement. Look for umbrellas that have adjustable angles, a great range of motion, solid bases, sturdy materials and a degree of flexibility. They need to be easy to move, water proof, all weather proof, breathable and UV resistant to prevent mold, mildew and tearing. Bellacor's patio umbrellas are made with all these amazing features and bring in a lot of functionality. Set them up at a height of about 7 feet to achieve the perfect clearance. From a design perspective, choose colors and shapes that match your personality and your interior decor.

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