Ceiling Lighting: What To Consider When Choosing a Lighting Fixture

Ceiling Lighting: What To Consider When Choosing a Lighting Fixture

According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, a chandelier is a branched often ornate lighting fixture suspended from a ceiling. Perhaps this is the reason why people are intimidated by chandeliers. There are many chandelier designs that are far from ornate, and can be fun and fabulous when complimented by other décor items in your space. Whether you’re starting with a traditional light fixture or something unusual yet simple, your chandeliers can make a personal decorating statement.

Pendant Lighting

Pendants are a great way to add a splash of color or instantly transform the decor of your room. Easy to put up (and just as easy to take down if your tastes change), they’re an affordable way to update the look of a room. Suspended in multiples above an island, or singly in a breakfast nook, pendants can function as task lighting for food prep or mood lighting at mealtime. There are a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, ranging from 4-inch-diameter mini cylinders to massive 30-inch domes.

Flush and Semi-flush Mount Lighting

If you’ve got low ceilings, or working with hard-to-fit settings, considering a flush mounted fixture is going to be ideal. They are called flush mount ceiling lights because the mount to the ceiling is flush with the drywall surface.  Being both close to the ceiling and suspended, semi-flush lighting is considered the offspring of unions between flush-mount fixtures and either chandeliers or pendants.  In designs with shades that point down and up, semi-flush lighting is a great option for providing task and ambient light in homes with ceilings 9 feet or lower.

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