Designers Share the 7 Paint Colors They Can't Live Without

Designers Share 7 Paint Colors They Can't Live Without

Designers Share 7 Paint Colors They Can't Live Without

What makes a great paint color? With countless shades on the market, every interior designer knows there's no such thing as 'plain' white, black or any color in between.

With such an ocean of choices to sift through, it's no wonder the pros wind up collecting treasured favorites over time. Sometimes they're top sellers, sometimes they're hidden secrets, but they're always tried-and-tested winners.

If you're interested in adding to your own stable of rock-solid standbys, then you're in luck. Our Bellacor PRO ambassadors Morgan Molitor of Construction 2 Style, Katie Kurtz of Adorned Homes and Stephanie Goldfarb of The Divine Living Space all generously agreed to let readers in on their own secret paint color weapons.

Here are their top 7 recommendations for colors to make your projects pop and your clients swoon.

Designers Love Green Color and Here is Why!

Going Green

Whether you chalk it up to interest in biophilic design or the natural ebb and flow of popularity for colors, the reality remains unchanged: green’s been in for 2021. And our PRO ambassadors have taken note.

Tate Olive, Benjamin Moore

Verdant hues have been a 2021 favorite for Morgan Molitor of Construction 2 Style. “We're all about the greens this year,” she told us. “And we don't see this movement slowing down anytime soon as we move into 2022 color trends.”

When asked to share a top tone, Morgan was unequivocal. “Tate Olive is one of our faves. Not too deep and not too pastel. It's the perfect subtle green to make any wall, cabinetry or decor a statement without it feeling too overwhelming.”

Designers Share 2 Most Favorite Shades of Blue Color for Interior Decor

Beautiful Blues

Perennially beloved for evoking calm and refinement, blue’s serene vibes have been more in demand than ever in 2021. This year has had more than its fair share of stressors, after all, and a little color therapy goes a long way to making us feel more at ease.

Clean Slate, Magnolia Home

Stephanie calls this second pick a “beautiful, calming blue shade. Clean Slate from Magnolia is AMAZING.”

She’s recently used it in a bathroom with white tile, and in a great room with a crisp, white window trim, each time to gorgeous effect. “It's one of those colors that reads differently in different lighting,” she says. “Sometimes the soft green undertones really come alive, while other times it reads more blue.”

Gentleman's Gray, Benjamin Moore

Don’t let the name fool you: this blue paint is a top choice for Stephanie Goldfarb of Adorned Homes. And she’s put her money on it, using this shade in her very own studio. She can personally testify how well it pairs with bright and muted colors.

“[Gentleman’s Gray] is the perfect sophisticated shade of blue that works great on a kitchen island, or on a wall where you want some depth, but also a pop of interest.”

Black is back in the interior designing trend and this blog explains why

Back to Black

Black has returned to the paint color zeitgeist, showing up everywhere from high-end hotels to intimate at-home hideaways. Black paint makes a statement no other shade can.

Tricorn Black, Sherwin Williams

Perhaps Morgan says it best: “Black is back, and we’re here for it!” When they choose a black paint, though, they tend to prefer something a bit warmer than true black. That’s why Tricorn Black is “without a doubt” their go-to black paint color.

Designers share 3 shades of white currently trending in the market

What about White?

Finally, we have the white paints, easily the most common color used, with infinite tiny differences in tone and temperature across thousands of options. It’s a dizzying array to contemplate. However, getting it right means creating the perfect, clean and airy interior. And that’s a result worth working for.

Seapearl, Benjamin Moore

This off-white paint is a favorite of Katie Kurtz of Adorned Homes. Seapearl is a classic, tranquil color that “can be used for any element in a home — walls, cabinets, woodwork or even ceilings.”

Pale Oak, Benjamin Moore

If you’re looking for a white paint that’s a couple of shades darker than Seapearl, Pale Oak should be on your radar. It’s another warm white that Katie loves, calling it “distinguished when paired with darker or lighter colors.”

Katie uses Pale Oak and Sea Pearl practically interchangeably in her work, depending on what the room or the project demands.

Origami White, Sherwin Williams

Rounding out our list is Origami White, another favorite of Stephanie and her go-to white paint color at The Divine Living Space.

“We use it as a neutral white with a slightly tan base,” she explains, adding that it’s not “too white and not too creamy. It plays well with crisp whites so it works great for walls even if your trim is true white.”

Bellacor goes with every color

Whether you’re giving the suggestions of our PRO Ambassadors a try, or you’re sticking to your own stable of tried-and-true shades, we carry the perfect products to elevate your chosen colors. To find out just what Bellacor can do for your next project, request a quote today through the PRO homepage!

Becoming a member of Bellacor PRO is free and gives you access to exclusive pricing, free shipping and a dedicated account manager ready to help you with your next project.

Thank you once more to our Pro Ambassadors who collaborated with us for this piece!

•    Morgan Molitor - Construction 2 Style
•    Katie Kurtz - Adorned Homes
•    Stephanie Goldfarb - The Divine Living Space